Port Charles (city)

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Andrei Karpov had a cargo ship, Odyssey, docked in the harbor. Inresidents became concerned that Port Charles was being taken over by organized crime.

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At first, each of the street railway companies had its own agreement with its operating personnel. However, Frank Smith was killed and a much more benevolent crime boss in the form of Sonny Corinthos took over organized crime in the city. When Kate was shot, Maxie temporarily took over for her as the top dog at the magazine. Meanwhile, Trevor Lansing and sniper stood on a loft in the warehouse, poised to shoot Claudia.

Nicoletti was due to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations at the time of his death. InMaxie left Crimson when she was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

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The catacombes were run under the Asian Quarter of the city in a storyline where Frisco JonesSean Donely and Suki were hiding from evil mastermind Wu. In a storyline twist, the seemingly honest Police chief Bert Ramsey was apparently so embittered at being passed over for promotion in favor of Anna that he became a dirty cop and began operating a money laundering scam known as Operation Tumble Dry.

Kate hired Maxie Jones as her first assistant, and Lulu Spencer as her second assistant.

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She arrived, and got on the phone with an ally to try and peace with them and Sonny. Charles, which has continued in operation, and now has historic landmark status. Other efficiencies were instituted, such as reducing the number of streetcar lines operating over long stretches of Canal Street. Soon, another crime family, the Jeromes, began to infiltrate the city of Port Charles but by the early s, the influence of the Jeromes had somewhat faded due to the efforts of Robert and Anna.

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Luke ran and won for mayor, but low variance slot machines less than two months later after growing tired of the office. The hospital and indirectly the town was saved from considerable financial ruin at the last minute by a considerable financial investment from Stefan Cassadineson of Mikkos.

It wasn't until that the General Hospital's setting was finally established as being in the fictional city of Port Charles, New York.

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Ric Lansing and Marianna Erosa were in another part of it, trying to cover the dead body of Randy. When the Russian mob invaded PC in many things happened here including: The union struck on September 27, Kelly'sa local eatery, is located in this area and the Elm Street Pier is also located here.

In December ofT.

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During several episodes aired inthe characters of Laura Spencer and Stefan Cassadine traveled to a house in Rochester to find Laura's long presumed dead mother Lesley Webber. Suddenly, McCarthy's eye popped completely out of its socket. Andrei Karpov stabbed Sonnyand threw him into the harbor with weights on his ankles. In latethe Russian mob invaded Port Charles, setting fire to free clinic, attacking Maxie Joneskidnapping Jake Spenceramong other things.

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Inthe Cassadine family returned to Port Charles as the main nemesis of the Spencers for a second time. That line gradually gave up steam locomotives because of the objections of residents along the line to the smoke, soot, and noise.

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He was eating pasta when Billy's eye popped out. Luke claimed that Stefan only wished to continue the nefarious deeds carried out by his father and had in fact been behind the hospital's bankruptcy so he could perform a swift takeover in order to establish himself as a pillar of the community, though not many people believed Luke at the time.

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