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For your convenience, so that you don't have to wait around after to view and pick out photos, all families that choose to include digital images will also get to choose which image to use to fulfil their magnets, prints, and acrylic blocks. Since mini-sessions are only best casino to win slots in atlantic city minutes total 10 minutes on setif you have more than one child and any of the children are under 6, please add an extra 15 min of time to your booking so we can capture each child at their best or good ones of them together!

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There are several options of types of packages from prints, to collector's magnets, to collector's 4x4" Acrylic Blocks that you can decorate for Halloween with year after year, even after the children are grown.

It's still great for little ones in costumes, but also as your children get older, they can also just come for a Fall mini-session in the same set. You can either add a second package if you want one product of each child to do individuals, or we can do them together and you can just add the extra time.

You may come early and play in the lobby but you may not watch in or distract prior sessions. We don't like the "smiling or screaming" policy that many studios have for their mini-sessions where they stick to the time allotted no matter the mental state of your children.

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However, we also hate to get behind schedule because that impacts every other family later in the day, so we have made the extra time affordable. If we have leaves around the property, we may include those too!! Make sure they are not too hot or cold, make sure they have a good meal before coming and bring water or a light colored juice like apple juice in case they are thirsty.

Each session will include 5 minutes to transition families and 10 minutes on set. Treat the session as a play-date and show them how much fun they will have!

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Any image that is included with your package will be posted in low-res to our Ell Photography Facebook album unless you specifically request to withhold yoursso even if you just get the magnet or acrylic block package, you'll still have one low-res digital to share with friends and family!

This year, the set is Fall-themed, and not exclusively "Halloween" themed.

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We want great pictures of them having fun! If you know your child might take a little bit to warm up to a new situation or location, you have two options. Every parenting style is different, but here is what I have learned works best to get children to participate! Then, of course, there are digital packages too!

Thank you for your consideration! Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, but we are hosting our annual Halloween Open House on Saturday, October 27th. Neither reaction will give good photos. We are excited for our 6th Halloween mini-session What we have learned from experience is that when there is more than one munchkin in a costume, there is a lot going on, and it is best if you add some extra time.

Clip any tags that might be scratchy.

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The set will be in warm colors with a few pumpkins, but nothing scary with spiders or skeletons this year. I can't wait to see the kiddies in their costumes!!! Every year, there is a family that doesn't think they will need the time, but the children are overly excited for Halloween, and we have to go overtime to get good photos of them together or have enough time for individual photos.

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Many families also choose to add extra time, even for just one child to make sure they are warmed up, happy, and get good smiles! To make things easy this year, we have online signups! If there is a tulle tutu or other scratchy parts, have them wear leggings underneath, or an undershirt or onesey between the skin and the itchy part.

If children are too young to understand bribes, they want the reward in question NOW, and do not understand the concept of "later.

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If the child is not yet walking, please do not have them wear shoes as all we will see is the soles. Munchkins will have a chance to practice trick-or-treating in the daylight somewhere familiar, then you come in for some mini-session photos.

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