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Capture at least 5 of each monster from the Horned species for the Monster Arema, and the trainer will give you Occasionally protects against zombie. Blessed Gem x4 Ability: Cut a lot of weight off the Version History, and condensed the thankyous.

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Capture the nescessary number of monsters to unlock 2 Species Creation bosses at the Monster Arena, and the trainer will give you Attack Reels can be acquired in a blitzball tournament. Lunar Curtain x80 Ability: One more armor example: Pink, orange, yellow, and cobalt blue glowing shield in the shape of a breaking wave.

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Yellow Shield; [Lightning Ward] or [Lightningproof] Absorbs ice damage as HP; includes spells and regular attacks. Tidus has 64 weapon names, and everyone else has 63, so that's weapons total - if you count Seymour's wand the one time he joins you. Occasionally blinds the enemy.

Allows you to have more than 9, HP, up to a max of 99, HP.

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Light Curtain x8 Ability: Steal or mug rare items first. Doubles the amount of gil recieved after battle.

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Prism Ball; [Magic Counter] Yellow Armguard; [Lightning Ward] or [Lightningproof] PS - My birthday is the 25th, so try to hold off on the hate mail that day, 'kay? So in short, you can either import the Ultimania guide from Japan, or buy the Bradygames strategy guide, which has most of them - it's only missing two of Tidus' sword designs, and one of his bucklers.

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Ice Ball; [Icestrike] A Celestial Token, fashioned in the shape of the Moon. Chocobo Feather x20 Ability: Thunder Ball; [Thunderstrike] Changed ALL auto-ability and a few more equipment names to English. From any recent Final Fantasy. If Wantz isn't there, you're best off fighting Varunas and Adamantoises in Sin and the Omega Ruins, both of whom periodically drop empty 4-slotted equipment.

Which is better, [Auto Phoenix] or [Auto Med]?

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Matching two reels of the same symbol will affect one randomly chosen enemy, whereas matching three of the same symbol launches an attack that hits all enemies, in both cases they inflict status ailments depending on the selected symbol.

Allows you to attack first, irrespective of speed or having been ambushed by the enemy. Makes Overdrive gauge rise three times as quickly.

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You may want to scroll down to Section VII before 4 slot items ffx read any further I hate to be strict like this, but I currently recieve between letters per day about Final Fantasy X, most of which are 4 slot items ffx people who didn't abide by this email policy. White Ring; [Ice Ward] or [Iceproof] Capture the nescessary number of monsters to unlock 6 Area Creation bosses at the Monster Arena, and buffalo casino entertainment trainer will give you If I have several characters equipped with [Gillionaire], does it stack?

Double Header; Any 2 of: Lightning Marble x1 Ability: Always protects against confusion. Buckler; Starting armor - C. If you choose not to go through the ringamarole of obtaining Celestial Weapons, or you want to build any kind of custom equipment, after the Bevelle Highbridge event with Maester Mika regarding Yuna's traitor status, you can buy empty 4-slotted weapons and armor from Wantz at the southern entrance of Macalania Forest if: Below in Section VII, you'll see numbered names of weapons and armor, and auto-abilities associated with them.

Always protects against blindness.

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The Ribbon is back, baby. Free Agent; [Gillionaire] Spiritual Armguard; [MP Stroll] Green bracer in two sections, with orange stitching down the center of each section, and white edges.

Adept's Shield; Any 2 of: Causes the enemy to drop Mana Spheres. Alert Shield; [Sleepproof] or [Sleep Ward] Occasionally instantly kills the enemy.

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Ring; Starting armor - E. Spiked Rod; [Piercing] Occasionally protects against silence.

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Regenerates HP when walking in the field. Where can I find pictures of everyone's equipment? If you're playing the original Japanese or US releases, ignore the [Ribbon] auto-ability.

How many weapons and armor are there total? The Great Marlboro keeps ambushing and killing me! Flimsy-looking dark blue and brown leather bracer, with green stitching around the outer edge of the brown leather section.

Stamina Tablet x2 Ability: Adds the fire element to an attack.

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Mage's Ring; Any 2 of: Allows you to see an enemy's HP and elemental weaknesses. Automatically puts the character in Regen status.

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Shining Ring; Any 4 of: Soldier Shield; Any 2 of: Spiritual Shield; [MP Stroll] Herding Staff; [Capture] 4. Where can I get Wings to Discovery?

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Electro Marble x4 Ability: Blue Shield; [Water Ward] or [Waterproof] Soft Armguard; [Stoneproof] or [Stone Ward]

4 slot items ffx