Continous Delivery of OrchardCMS to Azure, Complete with Dev & Test Environments

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To get this working I had to follow the instructions on the projectkudu wiki, specifically Project Kudu Wiki: I didn't do anythign special here It takes anywhere from 15s - s in my experience for all the events to fire and for Azure to complete the pull, build, prep and set the deloyment to active, but you can watch it happen within the Azure portal.

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You can use this to also see a streaming log service or the logs generated by OchardCMS. In effect, scratch is very much like my daily development environment. Azure in turn then gets the latest version of the code from your branch and automatically deploys it to the site.

Now we just wait and see if that message will be warmly received.

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Instead of putting these values in the web. That has the Slot Setting checked so I can turn profiling off on some slots by having a dupe of this setting and have it set to 0.

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I found a few bugs in my theme where namespaces changed and was able to fix them before rolling it out to production. Once you push your changes to that branch, the source control system you're using tells Azure that an update just happened.

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This is where I did my testing to upgrade my site from Orchard v1. Master always reflects the live site while development is just that Angular Material is one of the best libraries available for easily and quickly adding beautiful functionality and user experiences.

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It points to the same production databases that production points to. Both sensors are implemented in hardware for low power consumption. My Deployment Slots I will share my setup though. Thanks to Angular, handling these platform differences is an easy task.

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In addition to that you see how to use the optimization strategy OnPush to speed up data binding performance in your solutions. In conclusion, Engadget argued that "whether or not it was the company's intent, Google is sending a message to smartphone makers that it's possible to make high-quality handsets without costing consumers the proverbial arm and leg. When you do this, here's what happens behind the scenes: With its architecture, Angular addresses these aspects and offers some possibilities to provide a breath-taking performance.

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The I did the same thing to the dev slot except point it to the development branch in my repo. This is where I can test out an Orchard update or anything that may have serious impacts on the site and database.

In this talk you will learn about: Unlike the stock home screen, Google Now Launcher is not a component of Android itself; it is implemented as part of the Google Search application.

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As for scratch, I want to be able to push code changes to it without having to push them to GitHub first. I don't want to automatically update production, rather I want eyes on the staging environment before I flip it over to production.

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I have also added my connection strings to the databases used by my site. While praised for its crisp quality, it was noted that the display did not render colors particularly black and white as richly as the Galaxy S4, but added that "if you think saturated colors are overrated anyway, you're going to love the display here.

Here's what my history looks like: If I want to force an update without having to push, I can just push the sync button to instruct Azure to do a git pull without being angularjs slot machine by GitHub. I can also jump back to a previous deployment by clicking the gray circle indicating it's an inactive deployment Setup Local Development Last piece I wanted to setup was a local development environment within Windows so I could do local dev.

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Each of these have the Slot Setting box checked which means these settings stay with the slot, they aren't shared across all slots. This way I can hit http: The instructions on the kudu wiki page on continuous deployment tell you what to do as you set the page to edit mode and put the URL of your GitHub repo and the name of the branch in there, then click the put button to save your changes.

The device also shipped with Google Now Launcher, a redesigned home screen which allows users to quickly access Google Now on a dedicated page, and allows voice search to be activated on the home screen with a voice command.

The contents of this repo, as you can see from the above image, is what my website looks like in Azure.

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Hangouts as the default text messaging app was criticized for its user interface and for attempting to force the use of a Google service, while the quality of photos taken with the device was described as being "great, but it didn't particularly blow me away.

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