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These items cannot be legitimately possessed or imitated by just anyone, as they represent achievements earned according to a specific criteria. Particularly when the details are so much more fascinating than say, out-dated stereotypes of Pan-Indian culture. There are legitimate and unrestricted items crafted and sold by aboriginal peoples that we would be more than happy to see you with.

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It demonstrates how not to go about the issue. I see you are confused about what constitutes cultural appropriation.

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However, I also want you to have a brief summary of some of the more salient points so that you do not assume you are merely being called a racist, and so that I do not become frustrated with your defensive refusal to discuss gov deal casino topic on those grounds.

These headdresses are further restricted within the cultures to men who have done certain things to earn them. You and I both know this issue is not the end of the world. If you do not use these items to mock, denigrate or perpetuate stereotypes about other people, then you can legitimately claim to be honouring those items. It is very rare for women in Plains cultures to wear these headdresses, and their ability to do so is again quite restricted.

But it is an obstacle on the path to mutual respect and understanding. Examples from Canada and the United States would be: In particular, the headdress worn by most non-natives imitate those worn by various Plains nations.

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They tend to interfere with the ability to have a respectful conversation. If you are an artist who just loves working with aboriginal images, then please try to ensure your work is authentic and does not incorporate restricted symbols or perpetuate stereotypes.

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Maybe you had no idea about any of this stuff. You do not have to be an expert on our cultures to access aspects of them. Accessing these things does not signal that you have reached some special achievement, and you are generally free to use these. For example, painting a non-native woman in a Plains culture warbonnet is just as disrespectful as wearing one of these headdresses in real life.

February 22, at 7: Flags, most clothing, food etc. Yes, some people will mock these symbols. Acknowledging from which specific nation the images you are using come from is even better. The fact is, this issue does get people very upset.

If you choose to be disrespectful, please do not be surprised when people are offended… regardless of why you think you are entitled to do this. They cannot then claim to be honouring the symbol.

I would like to apache gold casino pow wow 2014 flyer you with resources and information on the subject so that you can better understand what our concerns are. My hope is that once you cool down, you will accept that you are not being asked to do something unreasonable. A simple acknowledgement of the situation is pure gold, in my opinion. It can be inobvious even for natives.

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As a native male from a Plains nation, my father left me his headdress which he earned and told me I could wear it when he passed. However I think it is reasonable to ask that if you admire a culture, you learn more about it. It is okay to admire our cultures. Then all the nasty disrespectful stereotyping and denigration of restricted symbols can be avoided, while still allowing you to be decked out in beautiful native-created fashion.

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Some people will pretend to have earned these symbols, apache gold casino pow wow 2014 flyer there can be serious sanctions within a culture for doing this. Eventually during a visit to the reservation I asked about it among many other things and of course it turns out the rule in our nation is the headdress is only to be worn by warriors, which generally means veteran status, or other notable service.

If you really, really want to wear beaded moccasins or mukluks or buy beautiful native art, then please do!

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It diffuses tension and makes people feel that they have been heard, respected, and understood. So unless you are a native male from a Plains nation who has earned a headdress, or you have been given permission to wear one sort of like being presented with an honorary degreethen you will have a very difficult time making a case for how wearing one is anything other than disrespectful, now that you know these things.

However in order to do this, they have to understand what the symbols represent, and then purposefully desecrate or alter them in order to make a statement. If any of those have started whirling through your head, please lock them in a box while you read this article.