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Appetizers casino themed party. Need food and beverage ideas for Casino theme party? | Yahoo Answers

Jason Hewlett was Master of Cerimonies. Start a casino-themed seafood buffet with a variety of shrimp dishes.

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Can't you just imagine you and your friends enjoying a fun Vintage Vegas Party? Anything that requires sitting down with a fork and knife will be too cumbersome. Provide each of your guests with little buckets for their winnings. If your Casino leans more towards the highbrow, bust out the chafing dish and serve Swedish meatballs or warm crab and artichoke dip.

Some of the balls are just large Christmas ornaments from Hobby Lobby. This was a party we did for a group of fabulous entertainers.

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So super easy and cute. For ideas, see the Appetizer section. This is what the party looked like in action. Offer a variety of cocktails, including a Classic Martini and a Cosmo see Cocktails sectionbeers and wine. Featured Casino Party Recipes from Epicurious.

Basic Buffet

Opt for finger foods so that people do not have to stop playing to eat. Seafood tends to be expensive and difficult when used in a buffet, making its inclusion a sign of a quality establishment.

Offer a variety of cocktails, including a Classic Martini and a Cosmo, beers and wine. Fill plastic treasure chests with chocolates, caramels and hard candies to create cn tower casino treasure.

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Cut finger sandwiches into diamond and heart card suite shapes. Seafood Buffet A seafood buffet is a common site in most casinos. October 17, by newinthekitchen The stakes are high for a fun night of great food and drinks shared with friends and loved ones. Help your guests feel like big winners with prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears, crab-stuffed mushrooms, lobster cheese puffs, shrimp-stuffed celery and artichoke-heart bacon bites.

Join us on our culinary adventure!

Read more about selecting a party color scheme. Add crab cakes, crab puffs, lobster-stuffed mini croissants and fried clams. On to the entertainment! You can find blackjack and poker table tops online or at some large discount stores.

Casino themes tend to contain games and lots of activity.

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Gambling Buffet Take your casino theme to the extreme with a gambling-inspired buffet. We filled them with pub mix from Costco. I really love this playing card garland. It was a sort of showcase.

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Play on the theme a bit by spreading poker chips or playing cards out on the serving table. It was so easy to make. Hand out chips to guests as they arrive. I seriously recommend all of these guys so highly! Hand out plenty of cocktail napkins so that hands, cards and tables stay clean.

Throw a Casino Night Cocktail Party!

Having a casino theme party? I love that his outfit matched the decor.

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We created this record wall because there was this ugly wall in the middle of the room. Cut costs by making the desserts yourself or splurge and pay a bakery to make the desserts for you. We used safety pins from underneath the table cloth to betclic casino italia and swag the garland.

Food labels are such a wonderful touch.

Add some bruschetta garnished with pine nuts, rosemary butter rolls and honey-glazed dried apricots. To keep people circulating, give everyone a score card that keeps tracks of how many games they've tried -- this will insure that everyone's interacting.

You don't want anything to undermine the legitimacy of your operation! Now the question is Choose delicious and cheap finger foods so that you can cut costs without sacrificing taste.

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Jason Hewlett, the Entertainer, was the gracious host. Up close and personal with the indian casino washington state card garland Let's talk about food!

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Add bowls of foil-covered, chocolate coins for a dessert. You can thank me later ; Disco balls!


Also, try looking for more unique game supplies, such as for roulette or craps. Cut cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon pieces in spade and club card suite shapes.

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Wait, let's talk about using party food as decor. Now that's more like it. The stakes are high for a fun night of great food and drinks shared with friends and loved ones at this Casino Night Cocktail Party!

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They were all super great BTW. Gourmet Buffet Gourmet food tends to be an easy thing appetizers casino themed party find around a big casino. Stack round cracker, cucumber and cheese slices on a platter like poker chips.

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Stay tuned for the recipe for these super delish and crazy-easy Balsamic Sun dried Tomato Brushetta. Offer fried popcorn shrimp, shrimp cocktails, teriyaki shrimp rolls and spicy shrimp poppers. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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Serve lots of small appetizers that people can much on while playing games! No, that didn't happen by chance.

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