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Frank must survive the onslaught of zombies in the TiR Arena until Rebecca lowers a rope to bring him up. Instead she witnesses the military being slaughtered by newly mutated zombies.

You must've first completed Cindy's storyline for this to become available. Rebecca returns in Dead Rising 2: Instead, she began reporting the alleged involvement of Chuck Greene in a broadcast about the outbreak, after receiving a tip from a source.

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Rebecca shoots the zombie in time, saving Chuck's life. After Buggs has ingested the poisonous chickeny delight, return to Nugget. After school ends, Nugget will reward you with his special item - a note from the missing student, Billy. So drop me a comment, I love hearing your questions, criticisms, comments and general gaming discussions. He will reward you with the 1st Nugget of Friendship and a strange device.

Talk to Lily, be sure to mention Billy's name, which will cause the statue to explode. Frank and Rebecca then leave the arena.

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Buggs will die spectacularly right on cue and Nugget rewards you with the 4th Nugget of Friendship. She flees from the newly mutated zombies, and follows the commander of military squad, Sergeant Dwight Boykin down into the tunnels to investigate. This the ideal dialogue choice, you will receive your reward later Rebecca resumes her role as the ambitious and fame hungry news reporter.

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Optional; there is an alternate method later Interact with the memorial shrine Nugget build to honour his missing best friend Billy and place Cindy's flower upon it as a sign of respect. Addtionally, during one of the cutscenes in Dead Rising 2, Rebecca films a burning van and some dead mercenaries with her camera.

Rebecca is later captured and held hostage by her source, who are the Terror is Reality co-hostesses, Amber and Crystalin a nightclub.

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Return to Nugget, who allows you passage into his Nugget Cave. There is a Monstermon card here, if you have enough spare apples to take it. He asks you to bring him the 2nd Nugget of Friendship - which is in plain sight in his cubby. Once the military arrives in the city to begin the cleanup and rescue, she heads out to film the operation.

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The two talk about Chuck being framed and how this is the story of the century. Tell her you think she is pretty. She helps Frank explore the origin of the outbreak and is kidnapped by Tyrone's goons.

This quote may have foreshadowed her death as she dies by getting shot in the head.

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He will reveal his plan to destroy the Principal's statue. Excited for a possible development in the story, Rebecca rushes to the tunnels on her own to try and investigate. Case Zero as she covers the Las Vegas outbreak. Road to Fortune comic and Dead Rising 2: She is rescued and brought back to the shelter. Now go and speak to Buggs.

She and Frank have a history together and this is evidenced when Frank says she isn't the weather girl anymore. Saying Monty, Nugget or Lily won't convince him. Applegate high or not reads out the frankly hilarious poem, return to Nugget for the 3rd Nugget of Friendship.

Not the weather girl anymore". Talk to Monty and buy the yo-yo from him.

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It is revealed through dialog that she and Frank first met several years earlier just after the Willamette Incident, when Frank appeared as a guest on KDED's morning show and Rebecca was just starting out. Frank then finds out TK kidnapped Rebecca and asks Frank to bring him a number of things for himself and Rebecca's need.

Talk to Nugget, say you will be his friend and offer him Cindy's flower. It should be noted that this alternate storyline is not considered canon.

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Take the device and place it behind the statue when the exclamation mark prompt appears. She is rescued by Chuck and heads to the Safe House rooftop after hearing about Tyrone King trying to escape via helicopter.

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First, talk to Nugget. I am Mog Anarchy, and I like to play games. Rebecca is left alone in the security room to tape the mess while Chuck retreats to the Safe House. Go over to the sandbox and talk to Nugget. During a dispute with Officer Sullivan, Rebecca shows up in the Safe House and begins taping the argument and then Katey, only to receive backlash from Chuck.

She and Chuck spot the helicopter landing atop the hotel and together they head over.

You will need to buy an item from Monty in the playground or buy an item from Nugget. You don't often get access to the Nugget Cave, so this is a good opportunity to grab this one. Whichever method you use to distract her, go to Nugget's cubby and atlantica casino rooftop the 2nd Nugget atlantica casino rooftop Friendship.

Don't go losing your head over this". Later in the security room, as Rebecca attempts to call for help from her news station to pick up her and the survivors, she is shot in the head and killed by Raymond Sullivan, who was on the payroll of Phenotrans, the pharmaceutical company behind Zombrex.

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Talk to Nugget and Buggs will throw a handful of nasty slop at his head. Chuck sets out to find Rebecca and sets foot in the abandoned hotel, only to have a zombie attack from behind.

Applegate prohibits you from searching other people's cubbies The pair are interrupted as Stacey spots some men in the Underground Tunnels atlantica casino rooftop the security monitors. She is knocked unconscious and put inside his Humvee, though Chuck fights Boykin and rescues her. Here on my blog, I rant about, review, trash talk, praise and generally talk about all of my favourite and least-favourite games.

However, she is captured and held hostage by him after uk casino market size atlantica casino rooftop insane. Keep your eyes peeled, his sprite keeps the slop in his hair for the rest of the day! Rebecca Chang was given a reference in the 2D fighting game Skullgirls in the form of a similar looking newscaster named "Rachel Wong" during Parasoul 's story intro, she even goes as far as reporting that "Frank has the night off".

Atlantica casino rooftop