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The Dutchman Edwig Van Hooydonck was first to break ranks. He was officially the th best cyclist in the world. He won three stages and the overall, with runner-up Berzin sparkling throughout. Ferrari and Conconi were transforming cycling. The following day, however, Berzin launched an attack. The house in Broni was nice, the people friendly, the food and climate biketek roulette.

Five days before the Giro, in advance of the Tour of Friuli, Berzin told Bombini he needed to renegotiate. Only Berzin, the man who would be king, was increasingly fractious and increasingly detached. Bobrik moved out, saying he wanted nothing more to do with him, and then won Lombardy for Gewiss.

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He was informed that the contract had already been deposited with the federation and that it was legally binding. Volpi had been positive for growth hormone. He consistently outclimbed the best in the world while Berzin, fetching and carrying as he was bid, got round in 90th place.

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Suddenly Berzin, th in the world just four months prior, was held aloft as the future of the sport. Bombini clarified their roles and, as Argentin won the GC, the Gewiss benefit rolled on.

Berzin and by all accounts Stella was livid. They demanded a meeting with Bombini and told him they were doing their utmost. Berzin won big amateur races in Poland and Brittany among othersand Bombini was as good as his word. He celebrated by winning stage 2, and with it the maglia rosa.

More astounding still, Michele Ferrari, the doctor of the Gewiss cycling team, saw fit to convene a press conference independently of his employers. Both protocol and common decency demanded he gift him the stage and content himself with the race leadership. Ferrari was an outstanding preparatore but his arrogance and hubris had made him a PR liability. It was the one and only time Berzin looked even remotely vulnerable and little wonder.

All that, allied to his cycling exploits, made him something of a local celebrity. He did so again on the stage to Les Deux Alpes but gregario di lusso Argentin buried himself in his service.

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Evgeni Berzin, the enfant terrible of cycling, had played Russian Roulette with his future and lost. The likes of Rominger and world champion Lance Armstrong watched on helplessly as he soloed to a breathtaking win.

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Bombini told him he could build him a very good one around his great idol. By the time he annihilated Indurain and everyone else in the TT at Folonica, he was treating his gregari, among them the great Argentin, with something approaching contempt. He was blonde-haired, blue-eyed and outgoing, and he learned the language quickly and enthusiastically.

Rumours were circulating that Stella, the tsarina, was far from happy. For seven years Berzin had been obliged to submit to his will but now, with travel restrictions lifted, he was at liberty to come and go as he saw fit. They were the strongest team in the race but Berzin was constantly golden goddess slot free online them for their shortcomings.

Now, hypnotised by the freak show unfolding before their very eyes, the press began making facile comparisons with Jacques Anquetil: To subscribe, click here.

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His job, he informed him, was to do precisely as he biketek roulette told, keep his mouth firmly shut, and to deliver Mother Russia the track gold for which he was paid.

Michele Ferrari had been an acolyte of Francesco Conconi, the sports scientist who had revolutionised cycling preparation.

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This feature first appeared in Procycling magazine. Argentin had formed a close relationship with a charismatic sports doctor, and was enjoying a remarkable Indian summer. He set his sights on the road race at the Olympics, the biggest shop window of all.

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Viatcheslav Ekimov, four years his senior, had been a world and Olympic pursuit champion for the Soviet Union and then, when the Berlin Wall fell, he became a top professional in the west. She wanted out of little Broni, they were saying, and into Monte Carlo.

Two days later, Berzin, in receipt of an offer from Polti, lodged an act with the federation. They sorted out the paperwork and Evgeni Berzin waved goodbye to the track, to Russia and to Kuznetsov. The Gewiss electronics company had offices in Broni and they replaced Mecair as title sponsors in For now he was managing an amateur team but he had an exciting new project under way.

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He was reined in but it led to an evening meeting at the hotel. Berzin was a great rider, no question, but within Gewiss the feeling was that he was just too big for his boots. On 25 July, however, the results came back from the lab.


He told Kuznetzov to take a running jump and booked a flight to Italy for himself and Stella, his girlfriend. Then he flew to the Ardennes. Ugrumov was 32 now, and in seven previous Grand Tours his best result had been eighth.

Marco Pantani, a new climber from Cesenatico, danced away from him on the Stelvio.

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Messina was a big fan of Argentin, the Classics champion, and wanted a professional team of his own. The court found in favour of Gewiss, Polti politely withdrew their offer, and Stella was condemned to two more years in Broni. Most agreed Berzin had been out of order in denying Pellicioli his first professional win.

Berzin had been dispatched to a Leningrad sports school at Like most Russians, Berzin was low on cost and high on ability, and Bombini told him he wanted him on board. Better still, Ugrumov, 20th the previous year, came within 58 seconds of defeating the great Miguel Indurain on GC. Recently retired, Bombini had been a faithful gregario for the likes of Gianni Bugno and Moreno Argentin.

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The first cracks in fortress Bombini. The season went well. Like Ekimov he was a pursuiter par excellence but just like Ekimov he dreamed of riding the great stage races of Italy and France. No matter; in one afternoon, Berzin had unsettled Indurain and thumped Ugrumov out of sight. Stella, Evgeni and Vladislav integrated well, and Evgeni in particular was well liked around town. Gewiss were left with no choice and fired him, but Berzin refused either to denounce him or to desist from working with him.

He and Bobrik signed on when Mecair-Ballan was born in Januaryand they were joined by another former Soviet, a veteran Lithuanian stage racer named Piotr Ugrumov.


Thus he began the Giro as co-leader with Ugrumov, with venerable old Argentin cast as road captain. Procycling asks where it all went wrong. It appeared to be another great day for Gewiss but there was a flip side. He caught the lone breakaway, a popular gregario named Oscar Pelliccioli, and plundered both stage and pink jersey. Vladislav Bobrik, too, was a gifted rider and his ship, like that of Berzin, had just come in.

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