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There was the Great Depressionthe technology of recording music and the fact that furniture makers had started making record players, and needed something people could play on them. If anyone can learn about art and creativity through something we made exist, that's very fulfilling and worth every penny spent. In southwest Scotland, where the Atkinsons were living, there was nowhere suitable to house a century's worth of music.

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We'd assumed it was a style of music that nobody would be into and had resigned ourselves to always playing to 50 people. It's on how much black jack blues can tell that they love what they're involved with.

To be blind, black and southern, he had a lot of strikes against him and his lyrics showed just how intelligent he was. Then I realised he's talking about her ass: Like Hank Williams or Michael Jackson, what these artists exude just seems unearthly.

A cup of coffee? We forget that in the s in America you could have nudity on film, and the censorship on records came later. Blues legend Blind Willie McTell.

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It's not a popular artform, or easy money. They were irreverent, too. Let's hear another one! Vinyl was the romantic side of listening to blues, because it involves the listener from the smell of it to the process of dropping the needle on the record. However, around the same time as he met second wife Gillian — a big character and blues fan who had met Bo Diddley "and almost run off with him" — who would soon help run Document, Atkinson landed control of the label.

I got there a coupla days late. They will also have sleeve notes that explain the blues' importance to the development of rock and pop. He was talking about the company. He has been namechecked in song by Bob Dylan and Mercury prizewinners Gomez. Indeed, there were so many that they had to close the street to get the truck in. If they'd have gone to a building suppliers they'd have cracked it. His late s Paramount recordings made him the biggest-selling blues artist of his generation.

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Third Man is initially releasing the complete recorded works, in chronological order, of three legendary artists, complete with new sleeve artwork by collectable artist Rob Jones. He had been writing sleevenotes for them — and being paid in CDs — when he suggested to Parth that Document needed a website, upon which the Austrian told the Yorkshireman that he should go ahead and create one.

He was very knowledgeable and knew what he could get away with. So they started recording the poor black singer-guitarists that were emerging in the Mississippi Delta. I bought as many as I could — 30, 40 of them.

You can imagine them thinking, 'I do not understand this stuff or what they're saying. It was the first time in history that a single person had been recorded to tell whatever story they had to the world. He gave me this daft price, but it wasn't what it was worth by any means. White remembers how the White Stripes had so many "obfuscations" — their costumes, their raucous guitar and drums — that people didn't consider them a blues band at all.

What are you talking about? One day, he was given a set of Document CDs to review. Partly because of the way they were recorded, there's eeriness and a humanity about them, which sounds unlike anything else. That's a far cry from, 'No one sings the blues like McTell.

There's beauty in that, too, but to be black and Southern in and have no rights … that exemplifies struggle. These guys were saying very irreverent things about sex and racial relations that you'd think they wouldn't get away with. Why are we recording this kind of music?

So I did whatever I could to get hold of that stuff. A growing posthumous reputation was sealed when Dylan eulogised him in the song named after the blind, string guitarist. Before that you had to be in a German polka band with a tuba, or jazz orchestra …" He honks with laughter.

That sounds pretentious, but it's true," he argues. I can't imagine the white northern people in charge of the record companies saying: It was sorta weird like that, but I think if we'd have watered it down it wouldn't have worked.

If only a thousand people get something out of them, it's still something that makes me and the people here feel excited, because they know the power of this music.

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You don't determine whether you want to work with someone based on what they can do for you or how much they can namedrop. Document was originally started in Vienna in by jazz and blues fan Johnny Parthan Austrian who had first heard Mississippi blues when American GIs brought the records to Europe during the second world war.

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Some people might go out and buy a Ferrari or something, but I would rather spend my time and energy in releasing these records. Atkinson, meanwhile, was a screen printer in Hull who reviewed records in his spare time. Black jack blues in interviews, you could tell he had a great sense of racial relations and how defiant he really was.

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It was good for us, because we'd made up our minds to never care about that, and that's when success happened.

Black jack blues