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At least with these devices, there are mechanical controls for some functions. It took 30 years to hit the tipping point.

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It is the same dragging technique, even though it is split over two limbs and two devices. The term "touch screen interface" can mean so many things that, in effect, it means very little, or nothing, in terms of the subtle nuances that define the essence of the interaction, user experience, or appropriateness of the design for the task, user, or context.

Die Partei unterbricht das Spiel. When used appropriately, these technologies offer the potential to begin to capture the type of richness of input that we encounter in the everyday world, and do so in a manner that exploits the everyday skills that we have acquired living in it.

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The mouse is great for many things. But any user of the Palm Pilot knows that there is the potential to use either.


So, given how much impach it is having today, how is it that multi-touch took so long to take hold? Kreuz die Hand kurz nahe des Herzens platzieren: With full-screen viewing, for example, it can be initiated pretty much anywhere on the screen. Furthermore, note that multi-touch dates from about the same time as these other touch innovations.

What I can do is warn you about a few traps that seem to cloud a lot of thinking and discussion around this stuff.


And, the more the interaction demands visual attention, the less acceptable that interface is for cases where the eyes not to mention the hands should be deployed elsewhere.

Less, but more generally applicable technology results in less overall complexity. It also lets the finger specify a vector that can be projected into the virtual 3D space behind the screen from the point of contact - something that could be relevant in games or 3D applications. Yet, traditionally our better tools have followed this approach.

It is really important in thinking about the kinds of gestures and interactive techniques used if it is peculiar to the black jack gesten or not.

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But with two people working on the same surface, this may be exactly what you do want. A few systems have demonstrated the ability to sense the angle that the finger relative to the screen surface. In terms of pointing devices like mice and joysticks are concerned, we do everything by manipulating just one point around the screen — something that gives us the gestural vocabulary of a fruit fly.

Likewise, unless that device also supports speech recognition, you risk a serious accident if you operate it while driving. For example, with finger black jack gesten, one might leave some kind of temporary ink trail during the action, like the cloud trail of a jet plane, for example.

Just keep this in mind: Orientation Matters - Horizontal vs Vertical: Hands and fingers vs Objects: On the other hand, some actions, such as the lateral flick frequently used to go to the next or previous image in a photo viewer is far less demanding on where it occurs. Just think of the different knives in your kitchen, or screwdrivers in your workshop.

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User interfaces are about look and feel. This results in 2DOF.

A key message that I want to convey is that this is true even with touch screens that provide so-called tactile feedback. Dazu muss er jedoch zuvor bereits einen Stich gemacht haben und eine der beiden Karten ausspielen. As I have said, everything is best for something and worst for something else.

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