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Crackberry 's Kevin Michaluk gave the BlackBerry Torch an overwhelmingly positive review stating that the Torch is a "worthy device for any smartphone owner".

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The device also features speed dialing. The Torch has a screen that is the same size as the Storm and Storm 2 with a resolution the same as the BoldBold and Tour On the other hand, she also found that the smartphone can be sluggish, and could stand for some hardware upgrades, although her review was generally positive.

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This processor is built on 45nm as opposed to the Processor found in the Blackberry Bold 1 and 2. Anandtech praised the screen of the phone as being: Awarding it four stars out of five, he stated that the overall "solid feel of the phone helps" stand out an "overall aura of quality".

He also called the screen "amazing" and its call voice quality "excellent".

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History[ edit ] Rumors and prototypes[ edit ] Starting Aprilvarious rumors circulated regarding the smartphone and other reportedly planned models for the BlackBerry line-up. All of them were rumored to contain a "hybrid concept" with a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard, with similar prototype designs but destined to different networks.

The device uses a 2.

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The former described the Bold as "powerful, comfortable, and even somewhat chic" and its keyboard as "comfortable, quiet, and accurate". Some critics also noted the lack of HD video recording and the lack of a front-facing camera. She regarded the Internet browser as "poor", noting that some pages take more than one minute to fully load; she also claimed the video playback was problematic.

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However, he opined that the device "still feels like the BlackBerrys of old" and felt it needed to be upgraded, along with its software features. Alongside the iPhone 4, the difference is pretty immediate, especially in how good white appears on the Torch compared to the iPhone4.

Concluding the review, Mokey compared the smartphone to a Curve with a better battery, keyboard, a trackpad and what was missing on that phone—3G Internet coverage.

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He pointed out that users who would upgrade to the phone from its predecessor could experience difficulties with typing, due to the reduced size of the keyboard, which he called "a little cramped for [his taste]". For us, however, the BlackBerry UI is showing its age, and ultimately, beautiful hardware aside, this device is essentially exactly the same as every other BlackBerry.

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The first rumor reported that a trio of devices were being developed as high-end smartphones, codenamed Onyx, Driftwood and Magnum. One reviewer did not find enough difference over earlier BlackBerrys to recommend the device to new users.

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And, at the end of the day, that's one thing we can't get past—serious BlackBerry enthusiasts will tell you that the interface is doing just fine, and there are plenty of reasons to get hooked on these devices. Emphasizing the quality of the voice calls, Lendino wrote they were "crisp, clear, and with plenty of gain in both direction".

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However, upon release of the device's technical details, critics, such as PC World's Ginny Mies, were not impressed with the specifications which lagged behind new-generation devices such as the iPhone 4 and Droid X.

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