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Like the Dash, the BlackJack has a textured coating on the back and wrapping around side sections that feels nice and keeps the phone firmly in even sweaty paws. The episodes are broken into an average of 7 files that are between 3 and 4 minutes long.

Samsung includes their "My Stuff" application which is a front end for the standard MS Pictures and Videos application with some added functionality it can browse notes and open them by calling up the Samsung notepad application. A Java VM is also included as is a link to get Good's push email application requires Good's service.

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If you're in marginal coverage area where you get 1 bar of 3G on other phones, the BlackJack might manage with online casino located in usa. Because it runs Windows Mobile 6, you will be able to choose from a nice selection of third-party software, and the addition of GPS capability adds a meaningful touch.

Its slim enough to slip into your shirt pocket. The device is average in clock speed and performance by Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition standards, being similar to the Cingular and T-Mobile SDAfaster than the Motorola Q and a hair faster than the Dash when opening windows and folders and launching applications. Camera The BlackJack has a 1.

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But the BlackJack is king of one-handed operation since it's narrow, and curved just enough to not pinch the hand. The d-pad and surrounding buttons are another story.

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We tested our BlackJack with several brands and capacities of card up to 2 gigs and it worked fine. So if you want Cingular Video, switch to the Media Max plan.

Rogers Samsung BlackJack II Review ( Samsung i616)

Claimed standby 11 days. If I didn't have fingernails and did a lot of walk n' typing I'd go with the BlackJack.

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The d-pad and flat buttons surrounding it will bother folks who talk and use the phone on the run. I'm not a big fan of the Moto Q keyboard, but I do like the Dash's large, non-slippery keys.

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Many users state that the keypad makes it difficult to type without making errors. Cingular Video support is very cool.

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Two standard Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries included in the box undisclosed capacity. So you'll click on one, then on the next and so on.

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Blackjack 2 cell phone