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Blackjack bitumen adhesive.

I would like a dark charcoal colour. I have just had my house painted with Resene X membrane paint and it looks amazing. I have cedar cladding that looks in an ok condition - no obvious cupping etc. However Resene Lustacryl which is a waterborne enamel can be used for exterior painting. Do you have a brochure or instructions on how to paint over my varnished doors? We want to paint white inside stained rafters.

We do not recommend tinting Resene sealers as this will affect their performance. Can you tell us what to use and how to do this? After a thorough degrease, I would suggest a traditional solventborne enamel topcoat such as Resene Super Gloss. They have a stain chart of yours and have asked what colour I want and I just don't know whether to go ahead or not.

In the early stages, the paint surface will not have good resistance to cleaners or abrasion, as these features develop as the film undergoes curing. Given the age of the shingles, I would go for staining rather than painting with a film forming pigmented paint system.

Perhaps a kind of primer? I want to clean this wall of a greasy substance by using some grease cutter i.

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The house was built in the s and the frames are stained rimu with standard ply doors also stained rimu. Any Resene exterior waterborne topcoat paint, such as Resene Lumbersider low sheen, Resene Sonyx semi-gloss or Resene Hi-Glo gloss, can be applied direct to clean PVC without the need for a primer.

I want to paint a Dincel exterior wall. Unless there is cracking of the weatherboard face, to allow water ingress, there should be no water ingress. Do we have to use Resene Broadwall and Resene primer undercoat on the two different surfaces or are we able to undercoat the whole room with primer undercoat?

Is your paint safe to use on kids toys and furniture? Do I need any special kind of paint? Do you make a solvent based exterior semi-gloss enamel? Correctly installed cedar weatherboards should provide a weathertight cladding, even over an extended period.

We have water and wind leaking through the south wall in a strong storm.

Could that be the issue? Can you tell me what it is that makes paint electrically insulative or conductive? The primer is a solventborne oil based primer, then apply a full coat of Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat and then two coats of Resene Lustacryl or Resene Enamacryl.

Resene Sureseal is not a white colour but has an added colour pigment. We detailed on the doors with Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss. This results in reduced conductivity compared to metals. If by edges, you mean painted timber, do the same preparation and priming, then apply two coats of Resene Lustacryl. The wall has developed a crack less than 1mm wide.

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The painters got too much paint; we are left with an unopened 10 litre pail of Resene X and thought we could paint the painted pine fence next to the house with it. We have pigmented paints that can be used over an adhesion primer coat of Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer.

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We've had rats in our plasterboard ceiling and they have stained the ceiling. When dry, apply a full coat of Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat and then 2 coats of Resene X Long story, but what would happen if I added some black oxide to this product, so that it is not white? If the wood is new then you can apply two coats of Resene Lumbersider and then leave to dry for at least two weeks to fully harden then wipe down with warm water and a cloth before handing over.

To achieve long term control of mould, these conditions need to be changed. If I agree to paint, what steps do I need to tell the painters to take prior to painting or staining? Our painters have asked me if we want the cedar shingles painter or stained. I am wondering if conductive paints have metal in them. What topcoats do I use?

CoolColours do not render the surface cool to touch but reflect more heat than the same colour made using non-cool technology. Environmental Choice Approved paints are suitable to use for painting timber toys and the like. If we clean the area with sugar soap and repaint with your acrylic ceiling paint will the stains comes through?

The correct product to use is Resene Wood Primer. The best idea is to investigate the reason for the moisture first. There used to be a fly spray dispenser in blackjack bitumen adhesive area. It appears to have a clear varnish on it. The new paint system will take five days to develop good initial adhesion and continue to cure for an additional three weeks until full cure occurs.

Semi-gloss solventborne enamel paints are not usually supplied in NZ. blackjack bitumen adhesive

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Is it ok to paint blackjack bitumen adhesive wallpaper, if so, what do I need? Can I paint ceramic fire hearth tiles and if blackjack bitumen adhesive, with what?

Do you make paint for ceramic floor tiles? What paint should I use on this? The term dielectric is commonly used with performance based on dielectric breakdown strength high voltages and the film thickness is often the characteristic that is most important in these coatings. If painting over a vinyl wallpaper, then apply a coat of Resene Vinyl Wallpaper Sealer first, then finish in two coats of your preferred Resene topcoat.

Can I still use it; will it still act as a sealer? These come at a high cost but provide exceptional performance high conductivity. A Yes, as long as the primer colour is the one to use under the Resene Forester system. How do you test block resistance of waterbased paint? It is exposed to weather no eaves and allows water to seep in, and down the interior.

Yes, Resene Walk-on can be used for interior applications but requires a clear overcoat of Resene Concrete Wax. Adhesion and steam resistance will take up to 7 days to blackjack bitumen adhesive, so during this time, try to limit exposure of the new paint system to any form of water.

The surface would likely need to be cleaned and sealed before applying further topcoats. Mould growth is a sign of one or a combination of the following; low light level, poor ventilation and moisture. We are not painting in the shower areas.

Ensure the areas to be painted are thoroughly cleaned down using Resene Interior Paintwork Cleaner used to label directions.

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Our paint is designed to be cost-effective and conductivity is achieved with ultrafine dispersed carbon. I have a section of concrete block wall that is rough-rendered. The cedar has not been maintained and left to grey off naturally. I would suggest an application of two brush coats of Resene X to the cracks and then applying Resene X or a standard Resene exterior waterborne topcoat.

What is the best product to use on mould on the walls and ceilings?

Can you suggest a treatment to seal it?