The Soviet Bomber Arsenal in Photos

Blackjack bomber pictures. Tupolev Tu (Blackjack) Strategic Long-Range Heavy Supersonic Bomber Aircraft - Soviet Union

On 25 Augustthe Ukrainian parliament decreed that the new nation would take control of all military units on its territory; a Defence Ministry was created that same day.

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Serial production is set for The aircraft were going from Venezuela to Nicaragua and headed for Managua. According to Dmitri Rogozinthe serial production of completely new airframes for the modernized TuM2 should begin in with deliveries to the Russian Air Force in One was tragically lost to an in-flight accident with a chase plane and the entire program was eventually cancelled.

By the end of Februarythe fleet stood at 15 with the addition of the eight aircraft from Ukraine and the new-build.

The modernization program will produce the aforementioned TuM designation. It was also reported that the Tu exhibited some flight control problems throughout her tenure that were never resolved.

It has low-level penetration capabilities that make it a much more survivable weapon system than its bomber aircraft forerunners. In anda total of 44 world speed flight records in its weight class were set. A left side view of a Soviet TuM Backfire aircraft climbing after takeoff.

Updates include a digital cockpit, improved avionics, GPS integration, updated NK engines, cruise missile navigation control through GPS, improved laser-guided bomb functionality and radar absorbing skin technology. It is a multi-purpose bomber aircraft that was designed for theater attack in Eastern and Western Europe. The Air Force fleet was reduced to 14 by the crash of the Mikhail Gromov during flight trials of a replacement engine on 18 September Though development of the B-1A Lancer was stopped for a time indevelopment of the Tu continued until production resulted in about 30 such examples - with roughly 19 of these resided in the Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The two pilots make use of control sticks as found on fighters. During the following months, the seven other Tus flew to Engels, with the last two arriving on 21 February In November, the first Tu was chopped up at Pryluky.

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The cockpit was held well-forward in the streamlined fuselage and aft of a sharply-pointed nose cone assembly housing the internal radar array. This marked the combat debut of the Tu and Tu This can be supplanted with 12 x Kh short-range nuclear missiles using the internal rotary launcher arrangement. Though looking every bit a direct copy of the B-1 bomber, the Tu is in fact many times larger than her American counterpart - though no less lethal - and sports better range and a larger munitions capability.

The Tu is also larger and faster than the B-1B and has a slightly greater combat range, though the B-1B has a larger combined payload.

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Eight of these were later transferred back to Russian hands in a debt-relief agreement at the beginning of Inthe Soviet Union launched a new multi-mission bomber competition to create a new supersonic, variable-geometry "swing-wing" heavy bomber with a maximum speed of Mach 2.

Tupolev's design competed against a Sukhoi T-4 and Myasishchev M offering and, while the Myasishchev product was generally accepted as the "winning" design, the Tupolev firm was elected in to head its development based on their successful history and overall potential in approaching the new Soviet bomber initiative. As a result, product requirements were scaled back eldorado slots, ina new Soviet attempt was launched for a like-minded system within a shorter scope.

The Tu makes use of two internal bomb bays. Tupolev, under the direction of V. Metallist-Samara JSC had not produced new engines for a decade when it was given a contract in to overhaul 26 of the existing engines, by two years later, only four were finished.

Similarly to the XB program, the Soviet attempt was far-reaching and much less fruitful, the general realization being that such a system was beyond reach of becoming an effective solution.

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The large-area fuselage was very reminiscent of the Rockwell design right down to its shape and use of a single large rudder. A total of 19 Tus were stationed inside the newly-independent Ukraine during the fall of the Soviet Union. The vertical tail fin sported a pair of horizontal planes. Some bombers launched a full complement of their missiles.

The prototype was photographed by an airline passenger at a Zhukovsky Airfield in Novemberabout a month before the aircraft's first flight on 18 December It is believed that the radar system offers terrain following assistance as well.

Some sources also stated that Ukraine lent or sold up to three non-military Tu examples to the United States to be used as "satellite-launching platforms".

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The Tupolev design, named Aircraft M, with a lengthened blended wing layout and incorporating some elements of the Tucompeted against the Myasishchev M and the Sukhoi T-4 designs. Another, more modernized, version will appear as the TuM2 in and feature new, upgraded Kuznetsov NK The TuR was a true strategic reconnaissance product.

The Tu bombers have long endurance at speeds a little less than some turbojet-powered heavy bombers.

Tupolev Tu-160