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No double after split. All hands below the dealer's lose; hands equal to the dealer's keep their chips. With more small cards out of the deck in the 3-card hand the remaining deck becomes more large card rich, making hitting more dangerous, swaying the odds in favor of standing.


And if dealt 3 sevens, what are the odds they qualify for the 2: Have you ever heard of such a horror streak? Normally the cards would be taken away immediately with the bet. We use six decks.

I ran a 7-player simulation, using total-dependent basic strategy, and the average number of cards used per round was I've seen it at various casinos in Europe.

According to my blackjack appendix 2the probability of the dealer busting with a 6 up is 0. Player may resplit to four hands, including aces.

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After resolving any side betthe dealer then consults each player in turn, initially asking them whether they wish to "switch" their top cards. Maybe you can take advantage of his complaining by offering to buy his hand for less than the fair 79 cents on the dollar.

It is often played in casinos. Blackjack Match Please see my page on Blackjack Match for more information on this side bet. Cindy Liu presents a scheme based on assigning a point value to the dealt hands and those produced by switching.

Please see my Buffalo Blackjack page for more information.

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No draw to split aces. Each playing position has two betting boxes, rather than one, and the initial wagers these two boxes must be identical.

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Cameron from Melbourne, Australia Assuming liberal Vegas Strip rules six decks, dealer stands on soft 17, double after split allowed, late surrender allowed, resplitting aces allowed the following are the probabilities of each possible outcome when doubling on the initial two cards. A semicircular card table with a similar layout to blackjack is used.

Consider a hypothetical side that pays 3 to 1 for any suited pair in a one-deck game. Bust This a simple side bet that pays 5 to 2 if the dealer busts.

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Five cards adding to 21 or fewer is the next ranking hand. Face cards count as The rules are usually built into the gambling regulations of the state or country.

In the initial deal, the dealer puts one card face up on each box of each playing position starting from his left, deals a face-up card to himself, and then a further card to each box left to right. How much worse off are you doing this than trying to play basic strategy?

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The reason you should surrender is half the sevens have already been removed from the deck. The rule is that for eight or fewer decks if your 16 is composed of three or more cards, and the dealer has a 10, then you should stand.

For a low house edge game like blackjack, the reduction in the probability of success will be small. Play[ edit ] Blackjack Switch is played with four, six or eight card decks which are shuffled together.

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This question was raised and discussed in the forum of my companion site Wizard of Vegas. What are the odds of this? Also, you have thirty days in which to complete the card. There is a dealer, who deals cards from a special device called a 'dealer's shoe' or a 'shuffling machine'.

That may seem like a lot, but 16 against a 10 is such a borderline hand that removal of just one card can making standing a better play. However, each corresponds to a separate hand; during play they may be doubled and split independently, and are resolved separately.

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This is called 'card counting', and though it is legal if done mentally, without aidcasinos have been known to bar players they think are doing it. In the UK, the bank must stand on This is because they are the common cause of 'busting', or breaking First off, my apologies if you consider this a basic math question.

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The dealer turns their card over and gets a 6, together with the Ace takes them to 17, and stands because the dealer must stand on Keep up the blackjack four of a kind work! Adam from Toronto At Cryptologic they use 8 decks and the dealer stands on a soft Bet the Bust Please see my page on Bet the Bust for more information on this side bet.

The probability of filling the card in 4 hours, assuming hands, is 1 in 30, playing one hand at a time.

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I lost a lot of money playing Cryptologic Blackjack today. Splitting a K and J may be possible in some games although it is unusual to split a 20 because it is such a high hand Brown gets a 10 and 4, and asks for a hit, gets 2 which takes brown to If game runs out of cards, all unbusted player hands automatically win.

Copy Cat Copy Cat is a side bet based on matching the player's initial two cards to the dealer's up card in rank, and sometimes the hole card as well. The outcome of the 21 Magic bet is so dependent on player strategy that I analyzed it in connection with the blackjack wager. All content from Kiddle encyclopedia articles including the article images and facts can be freely used under Attribution-ShareAlike license, unless stated otherwise.

Hands which add up to more than 21 lose.

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There is an interesting rule in that if the game runs out of cards, all unbusted player hands automatically win. These rules never vary, and it would be illegal to do so. They use a different pay table, as shown in the following pay table.

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What is the probability of running out of cards? I suspect any player achieving the goal in four hours was playing at least two hands at a time.

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I think he should wait because he could get a two, three, four, five, etc. Stan from The Netherlands, Europe I show that rule is worth 0. So the shortage of sevens lowers the expected value of hitting to under half a bet, making surrender the better play. The player plays seven hands against a single dealer hand. So the probability of not busing is 1 - 0. My calculations estimate the probability of 19 straight losses as 1 chance in about ,; you may well correct me on this.