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Therefore, the inhabitants of the region were dependent upon the Castle of Calp. Cantal-Roig Beach This beach is probably the best choice for families, as it is situated just by the fishing port and the mighty rock.

Its main purpose is to provide protection from the weather. At one stage the salt mines were providing salt to around 40 municipalities. The archaeologist heading up the team, Jose Luis Menendez, said that his team were frequently surprised by their finds.

In total there casino calpe spain a choice of 14 beaches and coves. Just like visitors such as yourself today, they were also attracted because of the wonderful Ifach Rock.

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At the end of the day you can watch the fishing boats arrive, and then head off to the fish options. After the Arabs conquered Iberiathey built a castle overlooking the Mascarat Ravine. During the second half of the s, as happened along the rest of the Costa Blancathere was a tremendous boom in construction in Calp because of political change and the emergence of tourism as a phenomenon of the masses.

You can still see the foundation of the gates of the fortification and tanks, which were dug into the rock. In they were declared to be a Maritime Terrestrial zone.

Inthe administrative unit of the Castle of Calp was divided into the towns currently known as BenissaTeuladaCalp, and Senija. Puerto Blanco Beach Located at the northern end of the Puerto Blanco marina, this small beach of metres length, has a mixture of coarse sand and pebbles. The salt flats inhabit a depression full of Quaternary alluvial deposits. Calm waters lap up against a shore that continues on for around 11 km, in a spot where somehow or other modern tourism blends with natural beauty, culture casino calpe spain gastronomy.

Little palm trees are dotted here and there, which add to its charm. The beach, which is around metres long has the Blue Flag status. History As it offered a perfect privileged surveillance point, Calpe has had an interesting history and has been occupied by a range of different cultures, such as the Romans, Iberians and Phoenicians.

Arenal Bol Beach The biggest and busiest beach features around a kilometre of clear calm waters and fine golden sand. Like so many other monuments, it suffered destruction during the Spanish Civil War, so its original Stations of the Cross, had to be rebuilt in Additionally there are a couple of 17th century hermitages, San Salvador and La Cometa.

Its old quarter is protected by the old walls, which were casino calpe spain during the 15th century as a defensive method against Pirates. Thanks to the technical innovations of the times, bigger fishing vessels were constructed.

As do activities such as scuba diving and sailing, climbing and hiking, along with tennis and bowls. The hermitage is a rectangular shape, with a single nave, divided by arches into three different sections. The excavations shed light on the lifestyle and diet of the people who lived there.

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Work finished in The water is calm, but has some seagrass. In the 17th century, there was an increase in the population, which gave rise to the consolidation of Calp.

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In fact the town that you will see today gradually grew up around the rock. If you have a dreamy head full of beautiful views after the experience, be sure to take extra care on the walk down, as the path can be quite slippery.

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InCalp came under the control of the Aragonese admiral Roger of Lauriawho ordered for a village named Ifach to be built in the proximity of the Rock of Ifach.

The summer tourist trade increased substantially with the construction of the Ifach Parador in During the high season there is a special service to help those with limited mobility to swim.

Towards the midth century, several casino calpe spain arose to build a new fortified wall around the township because by then, the increase in the population forced many inhabitants to live outside the protection of the existing walls. During the 19th century, the village developed towards the west.

For those who like busy tourist destinations, this seaside city does combine type of romantic village feel with plenty of activity, radial slot antenna of course sun, sand and sea. Today visitors can see the remains of a watch-tower, which was constructed in the late 16th-century, with the purpose of staving off attacks from Berber casino calpe spain.

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Castles Calpe Castle This is an example of military architecture, which was built on the site and made use of the materials of the old Castle of Calpe. Churches Calpe Old Church Originally constructed in the early 15th century, the site of the old church of Calpe is on top of the site of an old chapel which was present during the Christian conquest.

The hotel trade in the region is located almost exclusively on the coastal area. The first buildings were introduced by the Iberians, constructed on the higher grounds. It was towards the latter part of the 18th century, that they went into decline, due to infections that were causing fevers in the local people.

During the second half of the 19th century, the fishing industry casino calpe spain to take off throughout the region. At the salt flats you can see different birds, probably the most outstanding being the flamingo, as well as plant life that is distinctive to this peculiar ecosystem. Other dishes well worth trying, assuming you like seafood of course, are the fish stew and the octopus casserole.

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Embraced by a wonderful landscape, where vineyards and mountains are a feature, Calpe is probably best known successful roulette strategies its good value fish restaurants and lovely sandy beaches. It is made up of one or two floors at the most, with just the one gallery. Get a different perspective of the famous rock from Cala Les Bassetes, which is known for its crystal water and lovely seabed.

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Anthony the Abbot, and St. A large street market and excellent shopping facilities add to the attractions on offer for visitors. A fortified country-house, it stands out as a landmark and is of both historical and architectural interest. Inthe El Saladar salt flats were cleaned up, and the production of salt could once again take place.

Inside is a panel painting of great artistic value, in casino calpe spain, that dates to the 15th century. Due to its location, sailors used to keep an oil lamp burning at the front of the hermitage to guide vessels from sea that were seeking anchorage.

The area gained in importance during the Romanization of the Iberian Peninsula.

In the late s and early s, Calp became the filming location for the films of Spanish Film director Jesus Franco. Sepulcro and the patron saint of sailors, the Virgin Carmen. This practice was carried out into sometime during the 20th century.

This natural park is one of the most-visited parks located in the Valencian Community. It has approximately 13, inhabitants, and its main economic activities are tourism and fishing. It served as a place of refuge when the community was under attack.

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Of course salt was essential for food preservation, so Calpe was able to take advantage of the salt mines in order to promote the local fish. Historically the salt mines have been of great importance, that can be traced back as far as the 2nd century AD, at which time the Roman civilisations there combined the salt pans with the fish farm.

Additionally you can see three wells, a cistern and a rainwater gathering system. Of course you will want to try a local paella, but aside from this, there are a number of other rice based offerings.

Then, the town had 18 houses inside the castle walls and some inhabitants. San Salvador Hermitage Calpe It is believed that this hermitage has been in its current location since When the area was conquered by the Crown of Aragonthe Muslim administration was maintained: Between and the end of the s, many holiday villas and small hotels were built to accommodate the flourishing summer tourist trade.

Where to Sleep Where to Eat Restaurants Not surprisingly a lot of the local gastronomy is based fish, as well casino calpe spain rice.

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It consists of three parts, which are Roman Vicus — a kind of seaside resort, noted for its fine architecture and mosaics.