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The ground floor and piano nobile were used for official purposes, and their rooms were decorated throughout in varying styles and motifs that were perfectly in keeping with the referential taste that characterised the villa as a whole. The central body of the theatre is in the majestic classical style, traces of a Nordic influence can be seen in the glass and cast iron conservatory, a Gothic hall, a Moorish hall as well as rooms with imitations of classical Greek and Renaissance painting.

In fact, the northern part of the park has a traditional layout according to the fashion in the late 18th and to early 19th Centuries of straight avenues of ilexes — some of which can still be seen today.

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He added porticoes, large terraces and foreparts but the dining hall, today known as the ballroom was central to his vision. The floors were elaborately decorated with mosaics.

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Caretti worked on the exterior of the building and overhauled the decoration of the interiors extensively. This was built by Giovan Battista Caretti to resemble an Etruscan Tomb in both its construction and decorations, which were clearly inspired by the images found on Etruscan-Corinthian earthenware.

However, due to many problems construction was only completed in Owls, fairies, swans, peacocks, ribbons, butterflies and roses are all depicted in the majolicas and stained glass windows.

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The exterior of the building has a Liberty style feel to it, while inside there are marble statues, wrought iron work, mosaics and many other features to admire. Today the Casina delle Civette is a museum.

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This, in turn, was endowed with a monumental loggia closed by a triangular pediment that enclosed a terracotta high relief of Bacchus returning triumphant from the Indies on a chariot drawn by tigers by Rinaldo Rinaldi.

The two small porticoed wings designed by Valadier were replaced by two porticoes with Doric columns that encircled the east and west sides of the Palace, forming semicircular projections at the four corners.

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But it is the decorations that are truly splendid. To make the Palace more visible to those arriving from outside the city, the original simple facade designed and built by Valadier, which faced onto Via Nomentana, was given a grandiose pronaos.

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Illuminated by a single large semicircular window, the light was reflected by the mirrors that lined the other walls, artificially increasing the sources of light and creating the illusion of a large space.

Work on landscaping of the park was started by Giuseppe Valadier. Neglect had started to set in but the Casino Nobile was severely damaged casino nobile rome it was occupied by the Allied Command. Work commenced in and was completed in By Valadier had converted the Casino Nobile into a luxurious palace by rebuilding some parts and generally enlarging it.

Casino dei Principi (House of Princes)

Stucco hangings, paintings and plaster low reliefs by artists such as Domenico del Frate and Antonio Canova were used to decorate the salon. Originally there were scenes of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece in tempera covering the rooms on the main floor which have since been lost. The name of the house changed too and took its present name from the owls represented in the stained glass windows but, as Prince Giovanni Torlonia loved esoteric symbols, you can see the birds reflected in many other decorations on the building as well as the furniture.

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Valadier used mirrors to reflect light from a big curved window to artificially enlarge the room. Tastes in that period were eclectic and this is reflected in the design of the theatre from which you will notice various styles. French windows open onto a balcony that runs along the front of the building, giving a wonderful view of the park.

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The basement also provided access to two bunkers built by Mussolini — one as a bomb shelter and the other as a gas shelter temporarily closed to the public and to an underground room discovered during recent restoration work. The 20th Century saw Mussolini occupy the Casino Nobile from to and he even had a bunker under it.

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When you first see the house with its colonnades, turrets and loggias not to mention the decorations, a fairytale world springs to mind. The severe and imposing monumental aspect of the building was acceded to by a wide steps leading up the Capitoline Cordonata that was at one time lined with colossal ancient statues.

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The service rooms and lodgings for the servants occupied the second floor and basement, and from the latter an underground gallery still casino nobile rome led to the Casino dei Principi. At that time the gardens were used not only for sporting and social events but also for food production purposes during the war.

Casino nobile rome