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Chance of royal flush holdem. What are the odds of making a royal flush after the flop in Texas Hold 'Em? - Poker Stack Exchange

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A royal flush is a type of straight flush. On the flop it's now 3 out of 50, then 2 out of 49, then 1 out of 48 for the three Flop cards.

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If you peeked at your neighbors cards and saw that he didn't have 1 of your Royal cards, then it would change the whole formula and you'd have a better chance. The first card can be anything, thus 52 options, then the next four cards must be of the same suit, so 12, 11, 10, and 9 options.

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The probability of just a case 1 bad beat is 1 in million. Total 8, However, we could reverse the cards of the two players, and still have a bad beat. To this day, many gamblers still rely on the basic concepts of probability theory in order to make informed decisions while gambling.

If dealt five cards at random the chance of a flush is about 0. Why or why not? Through the years, I have just been adding more games and material. That's ANY of the face cards in the deck including Aces.

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To calculate exactly you can calculate the permutations. For example, in video poker if you are initially dealt a four of a kind and you discard them all, it will reappear as a winner, since the central computer was programmed for your machine to get a four of a kind.

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I completely agree with the author that such games should warn the player that they are not playing real video poker, and the pay table is a meaningless measure of the player's actual odds. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question.

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A tad bit off since we haven't excluded the straight flushes, which the sampling shows occur 0. It has gone through three different domains over the years. Here is what it looked like in May The straight flush is a lot more likely to happen, since there are more cards possibly involved.

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Or, if the first card is Ac, the second card must be 2c or Kc. Do you mean hitting it on the 3rd flop card, the turn card, and the river card??? Usually they are very slim I will not go into the statistical formula here.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? What are the odds of a royal flush on the board?

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Communicating through letters, the two continued to exchange their ideas and thoughts. The answer is approximatelyto 1. That's 1 out of 48 cards left.

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