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Chippewa Flowage Fishing Reports

The abundance of Eurasian milfoil is a concern because it negatively impacts boating and fishing and — as it dies out under the ice during the Winter — contributes to increased oxygen depletion and, ultimately, increased fish kills. So, like a farmer will rotate his crops, so will these men rotate fishing their hot spots. Therefore removing these dying weeds from the "water equation" greatly reduces potential oxygen deprivation and thus minimizes potential fish kills.

Either cast just short of the weed edges from the deep and drag it down or get in shallow and cast out to 15 or 20 feet of water and hop the lure up the bank.

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They may fish a good spot on and off through out the week, but they will also lay off it during certain days and give the spot a chance to build back up. Even a small sucker works both during the day time and after dark even in November!

The one on the left is pre-flowage and the one on the right is from These free swimming fry are too small to subsist on small minnows, rather they must forage on the tiny water fleas - which are the size of pepper - to survive. Because of the drawdowns and the resulting oxidation and significant nutrient releases of water fleas every year, the Chippewa Flowage had some of the highest recruitment numbers of musky and walleye in the State.

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Obviously, extreme drawdraws like we had during the early years the s and 30s had some serious consequences, isolating fish in small pools or sections of the Flowage where they died due to a lack of oxygen.

The month of May is generally looked at by most walleye men as the bread and butter of the walleye season, although both the summer and the fall also can provide some great fishing as long as you adapt with the changing patterns.

Fishing the Flowage - The Bite is ON!

Lower light conditions morning, evening, or during cloudy weather often provide anglers with better shallow action. For decades, this is what gave the Chippewa Flowage an enormous edge, especially to it musky and walleye recruitment numbers.

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In fact, the average winter drawdown of the Chippewa Flowage has been: Although Oehmcke agreed that chippewa flowage walleye slot was a good thing that the extreme drawdowns of the early years ceased, he empathically stated that the more moderate drawdowns were good for the Flowage in that exposing the bottom sediments created oxidation which in turn released the much needed nutrients into the ecosystem of the Flowage.

Each of these men realize the tremendous amount of structure and habitat that the Chippewa Flowage offers and knows that the first order of business of the day is to lock into the particular pattern of the day — to see what type of structure the walleye are using, at what depth are they holding and what are they eating.

Yes, a spot can be hot and seemingly produce every time you go there but — these men have observed that one can overfish a spot to the point of ruining it for the long term.

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Especially on darker days, try to work beetle spins on the weed bars during the summer a deadly method. The benefit of reducing largemouth bass populations though, is that it is likely to improve the size structure and growth potential of the bass that remain.

During the late fall on the flowage, some huge walleyes are caught out of the deeper holes on jig and minnows.

Walleye Secrets of the Flowage – by John Dettloff

A jig and live bait requires a certain amount of finesse when working a structure. In some instances, men like John Weidman were hired to dig trenches from some of these pools so they would connect with deeper water sections and streambeds to allow the fish to migrate to safety.

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As far as bass go: A word of caution that are both echoed by Bergman and Haack was to be careful not to overplay or overfish one spot. One guide was successful last season using a jig and rubber shad combination in the foot range.

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Eurasian milfoil is not the only undesirable weed in the lake. During the spring and fall, fish similar types of structures and, During the summer, notice two specific types of walleye: Jigging, one of the first skills a guide will teach you, opens the door to a whole population of walleye that one may not have been tapping into before.

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These nutrients, forms of zooplankton known as crustaceans - more specifically referred to as "water fleas" Daphnia, Cyclopes, and Polyphemus - are the critical forms of feed that newly hatched fry need to survive for the first two weeks of their lives after they lose their food sac and become free swimming. The upside to having a moderate drawdown in the 8 to 10 foot range is that a high percentage of the Eurasian milfoil growth will not even be in water as it decomposes, rather it will die sandwiched between the ice cover and the lake bottom.

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These drawdowns were most extreme in,and when the Flowage was dropped more than 24 feet, nearly back to the levels of the original river chippewa flowage walleye slot lake system. Thankfully, because the Chippewa Flowage is a reservoir and its water level can be controlled, there is something we can do about this weed issue.

Late in May, when you begin noticing the walleye eating on the wood leeches, a jig-and-leech presentation works well.

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But remember, because like the bluegill they are not a friend tani hanna casino walleye populations, it is best for the health of the walleye fishery - and probably the musky fishery as well - to keep largemouth populations in check. The pictures below are from the same vantage point. Although drawdowns on the Flowage have proven to greatly reduce Eurasian milfoil and other "junk weeds" during the following season, it has done little to harm the good quality weeds that we like to see.

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