How to Build a Cisco CCNA lab

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The topology in the diagram below is similar to what appeared on a previous version of the CCNA exam. The script treats each console line as separate.

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One script provides lab status information at http: So in this scenario, we need to increase the priority of R2 and leave R3 at its default priority to accomplish our goal. If it's not busy, you can use the lab for many hours a day.

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I will also include a table at the end of this document to visually aid you in seeing the features of each router. We include redundancy, multiple subnets and explain it all in great detail.

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Wow, there is a lot of information on this slide. I would stay away from this router for current exam topics.

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I know the and have Auto-MDIX, so I could use straight-through cables, but I didn't want to deal with any speed or duplex issues. One router with two serial ports to establish links to the other two routers.

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Anyway, you will come to find quite quickly that mistakes you make on Router 1 are affecting Router 4 all because you did not screw in a cable properly. Then you just wait 1 cisco 2811 slots and if those lines are again available, you can logon to them again. With only a small margin of error between passing and failing, not fully understanding switching concepts such as VLANs, STP, and root elections could be the one question that stands between you passing and failing your exam.

It will also allow you to do some of the VLAN labs. Each switch has a RS console cable attached to these ports. Cisco Router This is now basically a throw away router. Three or more switches you will get all of the above and full device elections.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you purchase at least a dual router kit.

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So a quick scenario. But you want to know this information inside and out.

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Spanning Tree Protocol is used to eliminate loops in our network, as loops gambling wages affiliate program bad.

It comes with Cisco-style icons. We wrote our Lab Workbook to the specification of three routers and three switches.

Cisco CCNA Lab Suggestions

Cisco Router This is a mb router. That dictates then which ports on the other switches are root ports, designated ports and non-designated ports.

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So what does that mean to you? Please feel feel to use the Contact Us form if you are interested or need more information on this.

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Sill not convinced you should have three switches in your CCNA cisco 2811 slots You are at the computer off of R3 and you are communicating with a server off of R1. In general, it is based on the MAC address of the devices but it can be influenced by changing the priority on one or all of the devices.

What will your path be to the server off R1?

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Note in the topology diagram below how complex we make our labs.

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