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This is doubly valid if you're playing as Brazilwhose civ 5 work of art slots ability doubles Tourism during.

Civ 5: Brave New World Gameplay - Native America Mods - Part 4 [AI Only]

It will be a greater increase of tourism compared to popping it for another Great Work unless, of course, you've already completed the tree, in which case a Great Work is better. Artifact - dug up by an Archaeologist from an Antiquity Site.

Other Wonders Related to Great Artists

It also applies bonus food to Bison in addition to the normal Granary resource list. Plan your Great Person generation depending on the wonders you are planning to get. You can later change the slot each Work takes from the Your Culture screen see below.

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Steam Mill is available one technology sooner Economics instead of Industrialization to represent England beginning the Industrial Revolution. Culture buildings Great Works of Writing: The reason for this is that Museum bonuses can be fulfilled with Artifacts as well, and they are the only other building with Art slots.

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Created by cgmil Adds a new building, the fusion reactor, available at nuclear fusion. Created by Envoy A throwback to older versions of Civ, this mod re-adds Genetic Engineering as a technology, and the Cure for Cancer wonder as a World Congress resolution.

They are created by excavating an Archaeological Dig, and are largely identical to Great Works of Art thus they go in their slots. This is more of a graphical fix for the Civilopedia than anything else. For more info on obtaining Artifacts, check the Archaeology article.

Mechanically, this also means Engla Artifact Edit These are remains from the past, interesting objects such as ancient pottery, metal objects, and golden trinkets. The fusion reactor increases the production and science of a city.

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All great works in this mod are f This is especially important with wonders that require multiple Great Works from the same era. Selections were made with the intent of providing an interesting, diverse array of artists to appear in the game. Whenever you produce a Great Work, it is automatically placed in the appropriate slot available in the nearest city.

You can delay going to the next era by changing your research until your last Great Person needed for the theming bonus spawns. Requires Brave New World.

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Cathedral - 1 slot Only available to cities following a religion with the Cathedrals belief. It was inaugurated in October They can only be found from Hidden Antiquity Sites, and are equivalent to a Great Work of Writing, thus going into the respective slots instead of into Great Work of Art slots where other Artifacts usually go.

Requires a SeaPort in the city Grants the Supply Promotion to each new naval unit produced in this city.

Great Artist - Abilities & GPP Guide for Brave New World

Available with Genetic Engineering, the Cure for Cancer resolution allows players to work together For Artifacts, it tracks which civilization or city-state was involved in the event that generated the historical site, and in what era the event happened. Royal Library - 1 slot Assyrian unique replacement for Library ; also provides extra XP for units trained in the city if the slot is filled Great Works of Art or Artifact: Museum 1 or 2 Fill the slots entirely with either Great Works of Art or Artifacts, both from your civilization or both from one or two civilizations other than you, and from the same era.

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There are four main types of Great Works: In fact, you can't even create a Great Work if there isn't an appropriate slot somewhere in your empire! Set up a high population city usually your Capital with a lot of buildings and wonders that speed up Great Person generation. You can also save Great People for an immediate theming bonus when you complete a late game wonder, because the Great Work era is determined by the era when it was created, not when the Great Person was generated.

Using Great Works Edit Great Works are used by placing them in appropriate buildings, where they can be accessed by the public. Its construction was ordered by president Anwar Sadat in in honour of Egyptians and Arabs who lost their lives in the October War.

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Created by Necrid Must Win -Updated with splash screen- This mod adds the famous Berlin Zoological Gardens as a wonder for your civilizations to build. You can use the Great Writers' Political Treatise ability to complete Aesthetics faster and double your theming bonus as early as possible.

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It is more efficient to house all the Guilds in one city because most of the Wonders that increase Great Person generation only have city-based bonuses. A special type of Artifacts have been added with the Fall patchwhich are essentially landmark writings from antiquity. Indeed, it is highly recommendable that you get acquainted with that process, since you'll need to shuffle around your Great Works in order to activate Theming Bonuses in the appropriate buildings.

Note that the screenshot shows a reduced hammer cost, due to starting in the Information Era; the correct hammer cost Slots are found in two main types of buildings: Early game wonders focus on writing, mid game wonders on art and late game wonders on music.

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I have just updated this mod, fixed a few errors in game aesthetic only and added an upgrade to the People's Co These properties are important for the Theming Bonuses of Museums and wonders.

Civ 5: Great Artist - Carl's Strategy Guide