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This class uses modified ballet and contemporary dance training techniques to help correct and improve body posture and lengthen your limbs. Bachata Footwork Choreo Strut! No dance experience necessary. This workshop is a intended to be a fun and easy introduction to the sensual world of Argentine Tango.

Learn how to interpret the flow and energy of Bachata music through body movement and turn patterns.


More information coming soon. This 2 hours workshop will introduce you to the world of shines. Take yourself out of your normal yoga or dance fitness class and try something new. To sign up for the performance, you will need a partner for this class.

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Niagara Airbus services the Toronto Airport virtually around the clock, delivering passengers from the Greater Niagara Region, from Downtown Toronto and other areas such as the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport with a door-to-door shuttle and private car service. Strengthen and tone all major muscle groups upper body, abs and legswhile at the same time creating closest casino to toronto ontario to ease the body into a wider range of movement.

Almost anything you need if at the airport. We encourage students to find time outside of class time to practice as the studio will only be booked for the 1 hours of class time. In this course you will learn the basic steps of milonga, musicality, timing, characteristics of closest casino to toronto ontario dance, disassociation of lower and upper body as well as new movements and concepts.

We will be learning some fun combinations of steps, by drilling one movement into the next as well as layering movements together.

How to Apply

Spark your imagination and get ready to explore the playful and dramatic world of Bachata! It is rather a kind of rhythmic walking without complicated figures with a much more "rustic" style than Tango.

Milonga began as a folk dance and developed into a style of Tango that is characterized by quick footwork and accented pauses. Some time will also be spent on developing musicality and learning where and how to add accents, dips and holds to spice up the dance.

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Let the shenanigans begin! Completion of Bachata Level 1 or assessment is required to do the workshop. To start with there is free WiFi.

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For all levels including beginners. This helps set expectations for everyone to commit to one specific time and prevents having disjointed separate practices. Bachata Level 1 Modern style An introductory course into the playful and sensual world of Bachata! Suitable for all levels including those with absolutely no Bachata experience!

Completion of Bachata Modern Style Level 3 or assessment is required to attend this course.

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Hitting the accents, slowing down your body movement and isolations are just a few of the things that will be covered. Leaders will learn how to execute figures with the appropriate signals, timing, and momentum. This class will focus on techniques and elements of the Cuban Orishas dances, the basis of Afro-Cuban movement.

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A minimum completion of Salsa Level 1 is required. Staff at either location will assist you. This class is intended for those students who have completed Tango Level 1 or pass an assessment.

At the end of the class a video will be recorded and sent at a later time for you to keep. Bachata Shines Workshop Interested in adding some extra flavor to your Bachata dancing?

Students in this 6 week course will learn a 2. BASo Partnered Performance Course 1 BASo Performance Class students will learn how to listen to the performance song, how choreography is created and structured, and how to create musicality in movement.

Need something unique and exciting to spice up your Saturday Night? Argentine Tango Level 2 Variation: You'll learn a set of shines footwork to a specific song, and as you learn the steps you'll also learn how to add some sexy body movements to make your xs discoteque casino temuco 10x more fun! This class is suitable for all levels.

No experience necessary and open to both men and women.

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Suitable for all fitness levels. Niagara Airbus also picks up from the Toronto Airport, taking passengers to their destinations in Niagara, Downtown Toronto and across the border to the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. This Bachata workshop will consist of a seconds of choreo including turn patterns, dips, musicality that you will learn in the span of Each class will utilize a turn pattern to demonstrate essential leading and following techniques necessary for non verbal communication on the dance floor.

This workshop will teach how varied Bachata moves can be. Suitable for complete beginners with no or little experience with Bachata or experienced Bachateros and Bachateras who wish to work on their fundamentals.

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A great complement to the Salsa Bootcamp workshop or the perfect primer for your next trip to the Caribbean! Regardless of what your dance level is, this workshop will show you how to add more layers of style and flavor to what you already know.

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Interested in adding some extra flavour to your Bachata dancing? We will explore musicality and learn to add accents and dips to the music for a dramatic look. Learn the technique behind the body movements of the Cuban cultural roots of salsa dancing and add some Cuban flavour to your salsa dancing!

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Flash Mob venue and performance date is secret and for participants' knowledge only! Overall, both leaders and followers are expected to develop a social dancing technique that is comfortable, effective, and impressive. You don't need to be a natural, to feel and look smooth on the dance floor.

BASo Partnerwork Course 1 Upon completion of your fundamentals, this class will build you up with different variations of Salsa 7. New turn patterns will be introduced each class with a focus on styling, body rhythm, timing and execution.

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Suitable for all levels including those with absolutely no Tango experience! BASo On2 Fundamentals - Prerequisite This class is your introduction to the exciting world of smooth, sensual and heart pumping salsa On2! The essence of Argentine tango is about life and, especially, about the relationship between a man and a woman.

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The airport is actually closest casino to toronto ontario the city of Mississauga, part of Greater Toronto. The end result is more confidence while dancing as well as feeling good about our own femininity.

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