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Common interface schnittstelle 1x ci slot. Using a CAM with your TV | Radio & Telly UK

SmarDTV CI Plus 1.4 CAM

Some things to try: From your digital TV set, go to the on-screen menu, and look through the various options. Ask in our help forum Your Questions Q.

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Ich habe auch den Eindruck, dass auch die Bootzeit um einiege Sekunden schneller wurde. Even if the Common Interface has been created to resolve cryptography issues, it can have other functions using other types of modules such as Web BrowseriDTV Interactive Televisionand so forth.

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Aufnahme und Time-shift funktioniert einwandfrei so wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe. First two of these three are necessary for initial handshaking between CAM and its Host, while the CA Support resource is necessary for descrambling the selected channels.

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You can try the alternative number which is slightly cheaper. Dies wurde schon mehrere male verifiziert.

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What is a CI Slot? The second interface, the command interface, carries commands between the host receiver and the module. The CAM has its own slot, into which you can slide a credit-card-sized subscription card.

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The Command Interface is extensible and there are several specification documents available which describe these extensions e. Your existing Top Up TV or Setanta Sports viewing card can still be used you will need to call to get it re-activated though.

We understand that Sky does not approve of customers being able to use their subscription card in other equipment — probably to prevent people using their cards in other properties.

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There are different types of CAM on the market — although physically they look the same, they use different types of decryption technology such as VideoGuard, Nagravision and Viaccess. Do this carefully, without using too much force — the CAM may stick out. If you have a fairly new digital TV set, you may find that it has a slot somewhere, typically covered up with a blanking plate.

Conditional-access module CAM [ edit ] Main article: Einen Hersteller mit einem solchen Kundensupport kann man m.

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I used to get Setanta Sports. Or, module can ask the host to display a message on the TV screen and can then read keypresses from the host remote control.

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The link and physical layers are defined in this specification and the higher layers are defined in the MPEG-2 specifications. What is a CAM? More than one module may be supported concurrently.

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