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There is also a long-term project to privately translate it into Persian and Esperanto. Professor Jeffrey Rosenthal not only wonders those things but also researches the answers. You won't make a living playing craps at a casino.

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Plus I recorded some author videos with the publisher. Communicating through letters, the two continued to exchange their ideas and thoughts. For example, suppose that we again consider the probability of drawing an ace from a deck of cards.

The casino has only a slight edge in craps. I was interviewed in April, for the documentary television series William Shatner's Weird or What episodes which were broadcast on Oct 13 and Oct 20 see youtube1Quicktime1youtube2Quicktime2. A useful and entertaining read. On Saturday May 27 from 4: But the probability that it can be done well by Rosenthal is pretty high.

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Eastern Time on WLW. If the probability of event A is not changed by knowing that event B has already occurred or will occur then A is independent of B.

Later in the book Rosenthal explores polls and shows how misleading they can be. The lighthearted presentation ensures that readers will not feel burdened by all the knowledge they are gaining and the concluding summary -- disguised as a final exam -- is sure to deliver an A to everyone, which is what Rosenthal deserves for this clever book.

In one chapter about the ins and outs of casino gambling, he writes in pulp fiction style craps winning probability poses as a detective named Spade. Connections throughout to simple, everyday examples to illustrate the ideas. All in all, a busy day!

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Rosenthal's lively and humorous style has made him popular with students, and Rosenthal explains with clarity and precision key terms such as p-value Buy Struck By Lightning and have some fun. How many ways can you roll a 9? The book is for the novice wanting an easy read layman's version of a complicated mathematical subject. I highly recommended this book to everyone!!

Lightning strikes are just the start of an exploration of the odds which confront us all. I was interviewed on May 30 for a French-language radio segment about statistics see my segmentfull audioweb link. The development of probability theory in the late s was attributed to gambling; when playing a game with high stakes, players wanted to know what the chance of winning would be.

To prove that things aren't always as they seem, Rosenthal presents a few brainteasers that challenge your intuition.

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I was also interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine in the U. The casino sometimes called the house has a For example, when you roll a pair of dice once, one outcome is to get a 7 and another is to get a 9. Canadian Social Values and the End of the Millennium; and American Backlash "The prose is easily digestible and liberally laced with quirky references to the pop culture canon of Star Wars and The Simpsons.

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On January 19 I spoke to math students at Crescent School. The TV game show Let's Make a Deal; baseball player Sammy Sosa's 'corked bat incident;' and the rock-paper-scissors game are all in here to help Rosenthal make his points. I was also mentioned in quite a number of media articles.

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Sono presenti molti esempi, che vengono introdotti sotto forma di raccontini che potrebbero essere tratti dalla vita reale: It's often a smarter bet to invest in a book that gives you new knowledge over one filled with simple old rules. Let S2 be the event of rolling a 7 on the 2nd roll.

If that sounds like Greek to you, try Struck by Lightning: That story in turn led to loads of newspaper articles, see for example here and here and here and here and scans 12345and even in Spainas well as Ontario legislature debate 1 and 2 and 3 and 4and a Freakonomics blog entryand I later wrote an article for the RCMP Gazette also translated into French and reprinted in Convergence.

Hence, the casino has a 1. Terrorism and crime, pharmaceutical research and lotteries, elections and polls are just some of the many topics Rosenthal covers in a clear and convincing manner. In a tone that's casual but informed, Rosenthal imparts his love for numbers in such a way that it hardly registers that we are learning some pretty esoteric stuff.

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This easy-to-read guide to probability by Canadian mathematician Jeffrey Rosenthal quickly illuminates the folly of such activities. These type of books are so much fun Suppose we happened to notice that the card at the bottom of the deck is the four of spades, and we know we will not choose this card.

If A and B are events with non-zero probabilities then the following 5 statements are equivalent: Later consequences included an Ombudsman's investigation, the firing of the OLG's CEO, significant lottery policy reforms, repayment of some customers' lottery winnings, and several arrests of insiders for lottery fraud.

From the player's standpoint, these options are not good bets. A section in the middle If there's one thing this book proves, it's that Rosenthal is versatile and accessible. But did we know just how slim? You can bet your life on it.

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But, in the long run, the game is a money-maker for the casino since the casino plays on indefinitely, and needs only the slightest advantage to "come campral gambling ahead.

However, his work did not receive any immediate recognition since it was not published until after his death. Rosenthal's hobby as a comedy performer is evident.

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On June 7, I gave a talk to judges in Gimli, Manitoba. Example When a pair of dice is rolled once, what is the probability of getting 7 or 9? Treehouse Talk see video.

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Numbers and logic and probability are not topics you'd think could be made lively or entertaining. It is also available as an e-book for Kobo and Kindle and iBooksin U of T librariesand as a talking book for disabled patrons. The Canadian paperback edition including an extra "PS Section" was published in Septemberand reprinted in Decemberand went as high as 10 twice on the Globe and Mail national non-fiction paperback bestseller list, 3 on the McNally Robinson paperback bestseller list, 6 on the Edmonton Journal nonfiction bestseller list, 9 on the Winnipeg Free Press trade paperback bestseller list, 10 on the Canadian Booksellers Association Top Canadiana list, and 53 on the amazon.

Rosenthal, an engaging craps winning probability readable math craps winning probability. Mutually exclusive events are never independent; they are always dependent. In these pages, Rosenthal reveals the probability of winning at blackjack, roulette and keno. A film noir comedic spoof in which a "Probabilistic Private Investigator" named Ace Spade solves crimes using probability theory.

Eastern on Wisconsin Public Radio see mp3 or streaming audio file ; and June 30 at His passion for mathematical probabilities sparkles in this entertaining and informative read. The author, an expert in the field, writes very well craps winning probability in such an engaging and often humorous style that the book is almost impossible to put down.

What is the probability that the 9 will appear before the 7?

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Struck by Lightning pages discusses the probability aspects of such topics as: Later on, in mid, I did a similar analysis for the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation see my final report. He says that while many aspects of our lives are governed by events beyond our control, if we 'get' randomness, we can harness uncertainty for our benefit.

His work fromtitled Liber de Ludo Aleae, discussed the concepts of probability and how they were directly related to gambling. The topics covered include gambling games and methods, the ways casinos operate this may be very surprising to manycard games and strategies, pre-election polls, certain game shows, the war against spam, weather prediction, and many other areas where probability plays a key role.

It may be ordered from e.