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The ball bearings in the lineal- type bushing are retained in the hollow walls of the bushing itself.

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Installation of these ball bushings requires that the holes for the leader pins, sleeves and shoulder bushings must be jig bored for accurate alignment. They give molders and die casters more quality parts per hour, more profitability - with production proven construction that outlasts the longest runs.

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This prevents lateral movement habit casino severe conditions and assures uniform wear around the circumference of the leader pin.

The efficient mold designer should have a set of D-M-E Master Layouts on hand covering all sizes he is likely to use.

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This minimizes the number of plate thicknesses which can accommodate "lineal" type ball bushings. With this type of ball bushing, a separate ball retainer moves between the leader pin and the sleeve. When master layouts for "AX" and "T"Senes mold bases are required, order comparable size A" Series master layout and include floating "X" plates in your design.

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When ordedng, please specIfy: Mold Base size e. The "X-l" plate thickness is specified when black jack exchange and is omitted from the catalog number.

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Note from the chart below that only one standard length of ball bushing is available for each pin diameter. They are reproduced full scale so the designer can lay out the cavities and other required parts without the necessity of drawing such details as screws, dowels, leader pins.

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Assemblies, plates and components are pre-engineered to give you the economic and technical benefits of Interchangeability. They are made of high quality, pre-finished mold and die steels that give you more for your money; more metallurgical consistency; more cleanliness In cavity steels; more reliability.

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Layouts can be ordered in two styles -- black lines on white paper or sepia lines on transparent paper. Wherever possible, the floating plate thickness should not be less than the minimum standard sleeve length.

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Also note that "grooveless" leader pins must be installed to doreen blackjack interference with the ball bearings. They give designers more freedom and flexibility - more time to devote to the truly creative aspects of mold, die, and product design.

In this case, the "X" plate is 1 thick. Ball Bushings for Floating Plates Ball Bushings are a highly effective means of reducing frictional drag in floating plates within a mold. The more popular assemblies are always in stock for same-day service.

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