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In the top-right section of the playfield is a blue bookcase, representing the bookcase that Gomez shows Uncle Fester in the movie. The player may continue to do this as long as there are two balls on the playing field. Some rooms randomly awarded players items from Cousin It, such as a hair dryer or brush, with an accompanying number of points.

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A bronze colored suit of armor in the back center. If achieved before timing out, the player is awarded a two-ball multiball where shots to the vault award the "hurry up" score again. The available Easter eggs and how to activate them [5]: Separate rooms that award that many points.

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The Start button cannot be flashing to begin a new game; consequently, the codes will never work if the machine is set for free play. Scoring[ edit ] Scores on The Addams Family tend to have an average in the low 8-digit range. Numerous new quotes and dot-matrix effects were also added. To see it, press the left flipper button 7 times, followed by the Start button once, then the right flipper button 14 times, Start button once, left button 20 times and finally the Start button once.

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A "hurry-up" mode with a point value siege auto minnie casino from 15 million to 3 million. When initially launching the ball, dropping it into Thing 's scoop just past the launch ramp gives 2 million points the first time, increasing by a million each time up to a maximum of 5 million points each time.

If a player does not get any jackpot, a last-chance "Thing Multiball" lights up for 20 seconds.

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A shot to the vault locks the ball for future multiball use, or starts the multiball when two balls have been previously locked. However, getting that score may be difficult to do, as it is difficult to shoot the ball through the graveyard without hitting any of the graveyard bumpers. A bronze colored vault on top of the vault shot hole.

Other lesser objectives include: Awards the player 5, 10, and 15 million points for each bear kick or staircase shot.

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If the player starts all of the above scoring modes regardless of whether or not they complete themthe attic room marked with a "? Once a mansion room is awarded, the electric chair light goes out until it is relit by a Bear Kick some other switches will relight it temporarily. Awards the player 50 million points, lights the extra ball, lights the "special" free game on the outlanes, maximizes the five jet bumpers, and starts each of the six timed modes automatically, one after the other.

A white bear above the base of the central staircase ramp where one shoots for bear kicks.

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A bronze colored train near the train shot. Once the word remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections completed, like in the movie, the bookcase turns, revealing a shot to the vault behind the bookcase it is possible but rare for a ball to go into the vault when the bookcase is in the blocking position.

The game is also supported by Visual Pinball [6]which can also be made by some people to play through a home made pinball double down casino promo codes 1 million 2014, like the original but digitally emulated. Hitting a skill shot may also gain other benefits if they are active on Thing's scoop e.

A flashy and very noisy! Upon receiving either, the vault re-opens, and a successful shot to it re-lights only the Staircase Ramp. Overview[ edit ] The machine's game card describes the game objective as being to "Explore the strange world of the Addams Family.

The world's best players will occasionally score in the billions.

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A successful "bear kick" shot enables Uncle Fester's light bulb when not in multiball modewhich indicates that a shot into his electric chair gains a mansion room and activates a mini game after such a shot, the light bulb goes out.

Advances all five jet bumpers to their maximum value 30, added to the Graveyard Value per hit.

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The machine must be in its Attract or "game over" mode no game currently in progress. Press the left button 12 times, then the Start button once, right button 5 times, Start once, left 4 times and Start once.

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He has a light bulb in his mouth replacing the light on the left side of the chair.