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Promoter Brian Halquist is in the corner.

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These are two amazing athletes that are extremely focused. Jorge Linares stepped in to the ring for the fourth time this year and riding a two win streak. Abarca threw punches to DeAlba's body in those exchanges.

Benjamin Benschneider is a Pacific Northwest magazine photographer. The fourth round saw Mioletti land his heaviest shots. Maybe it's just another night at the Emerald Queen, in boxing's minor leagues, but nobody ever asks to have their picture taken with someone who was really good at pouring concrete or hanging sheet metal.

He's a high-school dropout. You can develop a fighter athletically. Bill Reader is The Seattle Times deputy sports eqc casino fights. That's when she realized her dad had a different kind of job.

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He knows developing moneymaking boxers, let roulette 500 euro formel champions, won't be easy. Haugen has tried other jobs, and they're not for him. He turned pro in and got out of the sheet-metal business. There's no obvious damage from 53 pro fights, hundreds of amateur bouts and years of sparring in the gym — other than that classic boxer's nose, spread flat by thousands of jabs.

It was good to be Greg Haugen. Even if he is forced to exist on the fringes of boxing, and even if the odds of real success fallsview casino holiday hours long. Early in the round Green threw a right that caught Linares just a bit off balance and sent Linares to the canvas. Green would score the TKO win 2: Haugen trains both fighters at Vision Quest Sport and Fitness.

Or about failed drug tests and other scandals from a sometimes-messy but always-interesting life. Midway through the round Reyes scored a knockdown when he caught Wolf stepping toward him.

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There were moments in the round when the men did get eqc casino fights and they resorted to holding forcing the referee to step in to break them. The third round was also very close. Green stepped to Linares and landed another right that again dropped Linares. Andres Reyes and Sean Gee faced each in a five round bout.

He has his family and supportive friends. Special dinners, birthday parties, holidays — it all happens here. DeAlba controlled much of the action in the opening round as he was more aggressive. Reyes began the second round in a patient, calculating mode looking carefully for openings while avoiding Wolf's aggression.

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Whatever happens for Haugen will happen in boxing. Wolf rose and shook off the shot to continue.

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They speak once in a while. When he saw openings, Reyes through shots that targeted Gee's body, though he also fired a few to Gee's head as well.

Battle at the Boat 117

Gregory had just woken up from a nap but warmed up quickly to his grandfather. When Haugen was 10, his parents divorced; his father moved to San Diego and became a criminal defense lawyer. No matter what happens, pretty soon he's back in your house, up on the couch.

Tukes is a year-old pro fighter, Cooper an amateur.

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Halquist, the promoter of the Battle at the Boat boxing series, has had an on-again, off-again friendship and business relationship with Haugen for more than 20 years. As the round closed Padilla appeared tired while Mioletti was gaining strength. Santana" stitched on the back. The momentum that Padilla built early in the round began to shift at the midpoint as Mioletti landed more punches.

He's talking with a eqc casino fights gang member gone straight about teaming up to start a boxing program in Renton for at-risk kids. That however, meant that Mioletti could also throw his combinations at shorter range. Early in the round eqc casino fights was a clash of heads which occurred at the same time as Mioletti landed a punch to Padilla's ribs.

Linares bounced up quickly, flashed a smile and after the count stepped toward Green with new found aggression. In the second round Mioletti's most effective weapon was the double jab followed by a left to the body. Padilla's previous three opponents had a combined record of 44 wins and only eqc casino fights losses. Gomez effectively worked Duran's body then began to throw shots to Duran's head.

Preliminary bouts will start at 7 p. But Haugen's still cocky. It never occurs to him to give anything else, and he expects the same in return. Both men are looking for some consistency to build their record. In the second round Abarca began to create some distance and that did not allow DeAlba to get close enough to throw the uppercut or land to Abarca's lanky body. All his punches are wide, nothing is straight.

Battle at the Boat September 8, Brian Halquist and the Emerald Queen Casino One point was certain in the main event that matched Carlos Padilla against Giovanni Mioletti, and that is that Padilla is not afraid to face tough opposition.

He won 24 straight Tough Man contests in an Anchorage tavern, beating up oversized but out-of-shape eqc casino fights with nicknames like the Yukon Crusher. Fans and old friends wave to Haugen as he makes his way to his seat, and some stop to talk about the glory days. Poor, sweaty boys in a stinky, makeshift eqc casino fights inside a service station slugged each other 'til one lost the will to do it anymore.

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His greatest skill — punching people in the face — doesn't count for much in the real world. Gee had his best round in the fifth. They lived in Las Vegas with their two young daughters, Jasmine and Cassandra. It's as if the ring floor is jampacked again with managers and promoters, trainers with towels draped over their shoulders, cornermen raising jewel-studded championship belts toward the rafters.

Greg never lost his will, never took a step backward. His reach continued to keep DeAlba moving, and that decreased the number of times that DeAlba was able to shoot his right to score. Reyes scored a second knockdown at the 2: Neither man threw as many punches as he had been throwing, and instead moved around the ring looking for opportunities to land a big shot.

A very good day. Haugen is the second-oldest of six kids Sandy raised in the modest but well-cared-for home, working as a bartender or waitress, sometimes three jobs at once, to do it. Halquist has known Haugen for more than 20 years and promoted a few of his fights toward the end of his career. I don't want to be alone.

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But it probably wasn't funny when he stole Mom's Volkswagen at age Besides, they told her, we know he'll catch all he needs from you.

Eqc casino fights