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Cleaning up the area is part of an overall effort to re-invent a downtown that had been allowed to run down and fragment.

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Santa Clara Pueblo is also considering moving the annual Northern Pueblos arts and crafts fair to the area. It was founded as a railroad town along with construction of the Santa Fe Railroad, which operated in the area from to Computer and communications firms are moving in, some planning new buildings, others starting-up in home offices.

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These days, those old folks often talk about change. Profound changes are coming to this town of 10, which serves as the business and cultural hub for numerous mountain villages as distant as the Colorado border.

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The San Juan Indians had welcomed the Spanish in Because mining had been carried on by the Colonists, the Natives destroyed all traces of the mines. But many of those people have likely found other employment, some launching new businesses that may ultimately improve Espanola's economic picture. And that's no joke.

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That impulse has been aided recently by a decline in tourism in the state, which makes the two main tourist centers less attractive as high-rent commercial sites. Half a dozen entrepreneurs have opened shops on the street within the past year.

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First Security Bank's Espanola branch manager, Rudy Roybal, reports that local banks have seen a rise in bad checks, savings and casino ATM withdrawals, a trend he and other bankers trace directly to gambling. And the city itself receives no direct share of gambling proceeds in the form of gross receipts.

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Historic Community Ironically, the tourism side of business growth in Espanola may actually precede the development of tourist destinations in town. His livestock included goats, black cattle, and mares and colts. These are follow-up letters.

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By allowing land and tax inflation to run rampant, the capital city may have begun to squeeze itself out of the business recruitment business. Cities of Gold Casino in Pojoaque, seven miles south of Espanola, and San Juan's Ohkay Casino at Espanola's northern border, draw nightly crowds that jam the parking lots. Built between and by an early railroad pioneer, Bond House is a fine example of regional architecture unique to North Central New Mexico.

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