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This is the first time I have ever written a bad review but felt is was necessary as when we asked not one but two wait staff to at least hold back the last meal, they were not in the least interested. Of course we took his word for it. The Panko fried calamari was definitely the highlight of this dish being thick and nicely thinly crumbed.

We ask for the two starters first, as usual fat noodle treasury casino brisbane protocol however bluntly told that the kitchen would send out whenever cooked. Luke Nguyen has created this restaurant to be a place where people can come and enjoy the traditional family recipes from South East Asia to the table although the main dish of the restaurant would be their 20 hour Fat Pho Noodles, their Fiery Laksa and Vietnamese Chicken Salad.

They put McDonalds to shame with their 'fast food'. Dreadful dining experience I have visited this restaurant previously and enjoyed my meal however on this occasion, now that the restaurant apparently is too popular, the service was appalling.

The sambal chilli sauce was a nice compliment with the dish, however, it lacked the 'Kecap Manis' aka. By squeezing a little of the lemon onto the dish and mixing it altogether along with the peanuts and bean sprouts, it felt that it needed abit more soy sauce to enhance its flavour.

The Caramelized pork ribs were nicely done with the meat also not being too hard off the bone. Packed with succulent, perfectly cooked prawn meat, Luke advised it was best enjoyed with a touch of soy vinegar and chilli from the condiment jars on the table.

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The Jasmine rice wasn't sticky nor dry and was just nicely cooked and the vietnamese pickles complimented the dish well. Mee Goreng is suppose to be a simple Indonesian dish, nothing fancy, but delicious. We were served almost immediately whereby we order two starters, two mains and a bottle of wine.

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Less than 5 minutes later we received 3 of our dishes but had yet to receive our wine! Never before have I tasted a broth with such flavour!! As for its taste, the XO sauce was quite over powering but blends all of the ingredients together nicely.

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The beef was tender and so flavoursome with sweetness and zest from the citrus. Okay, for one thing, I usually never buy Mee goreng at restaurants in Brisbane, why? As for the Pad Thai itself, I did think that it lacked the punch even if it did look pretty in its presentation.

The flavour was sweet, rich and had an element of toasted coconut with a completely surprising garish of fried onions.

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Most of the sauce did lie at the bottom of the bowl so make sure you give it a good mix before eating it. I was simply hoping to enjoy a simply dining experience I did understand that this was not an all night occasion however didn't even have the time to finish our wine. Because they usually don't fat noodle treasury casino brisbane even with the original Mee Goreng in Indonesia.

Finally to round out our savoury experience Luke presented us with a small bowl of the Singapore Prawns — where a deliciously spicy sambal and shrimp sauce coated two fat, juicy prawns with slightly al dente Asian greens throughout and served on a bed of jasmine rice. If you don't like chilli as much like myself, do try and take as much of the fresh chilli slices out of the dish itself and place it on the paper menu place mat or elsewhere you see fit before mixing the salad.

The food ranges from Vietnamese cuisine to chinese, Indonesian to Thai and so on. Dipping my spoon first into the steaming hot sago and taking a generous helping of the creamy pudding, I felt like Goldilocks vacationing in Malaysia.

Our party of just two where served in a small dining table alongside other couples. This dish could have been one of the best out of the rest. The salt and pepper had a nice balance to it, but since it just reminded me so much of Agedashi Tofu, it made me want to eat the real Japanese Agedashi tofu with the broth.

Again, the texture just blew my mind. After profusely thanking Luke for all the wonderful dishes he had served us and a slight pause post prawns, we were contemplating whether or we could face dessert…which of course we could.

It's nice to see how they kept the spiciness of the dish and did not tone it down for the market. Inside sat two perfectly formed Prawn Dumplings.

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And of course, he was right. The place is quite spacious with seatings available inside and out, bar seatings as well, oh and did I mention private function rooms too?

To start, Luke brought out a vibrantly peachy pink plate of Atlantic Salmon Sashimi served with mandarin, perilla a type of mintroasted rice powder and micro herbs. There were about large panko crumbed fried calamari topped with crushed peanuts and there were also fresh chilli cuts on the shredded cabbage.

It was certainly a Wednesday night to remember and my mouth is already watering at the thought of more Pho and Wok Tossed Angus Beef upon my next visit…also the Laska.

Although it did fat noodle treasury casino brisbane like a good idea at the time to eat less that night, the dish itself actually came bigger than I thought it would be. It's nice to see restaurants that can cater for various needs and likes. If you like your Asian hawker style food, then give here a try fat noodle treasury casino brisbane you may just find what you're missing on from back home or from your previous travels.

The hint of coriander and chilli was nice and the leftover sauce at the bottom is just simply divine when mixed in with the warm rice. It was a true taste sensation and a brilliant Asian twist on a classic French dessert.


A complete sensory sensation, which Luke informed us takes two days to achieve, prepared in a giant vat that stands as tall as me and the circumference of one of the large round tables in fat noodle treasury casino brisbane restaurant. As the tables were very small we had to place the wine at our feet. One thing I do have to say is that sometimes trying to get the attention of the waiters to top up your water or refilling your tea is a bit hard as they sometimes wander around other areas of the restaurant and I have had experiences where they seem to walk past you or avoid eye contact.

We were staying at the casino and thought it might be a convenient place to enjoy a meal and bottle of wine. This was my second favroutite dish for the evening and was a perfect light salad option of lemongrass, vermicelli noodles, crushed peanuts and fresh vietnamese herbs.

It was not too strong on the vinegar but also had the zing to it still. The small bowl was then filled to the brim with thinly sliced juicy and succulent pieces of Angus sirloin and brisket, bean sprouts that were still slightly crunchy, pungent flavours of fresh Thai basil, the slightest hint of chilli and a swirl of silky, flat rice noodles at the bottom.

Would definitely never visit this restaurant fast food joint again.

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After slurping the last dregs of the Pho from my bowl which I went back to several times even after I had sipped it dry in the faintest hope something might have accumulated off the sides the Wok Tossed Angus Beef arrived.

Hearty and warming with all the rich, salty flavours and juices of meat but still incredibly light and refreshing. Interestingly, it totally worked and gave it crunch and a savoury dimension against the sweetness. Not long after we had made short work of our starters, Luke arrived asking us if we were enjoying everything so far — FYI it was a resounding affirmative — and placed a stunning mini bamboo basket on our table and lifted the lid.

Panko fried crumbed calamari served with shredded cabbage, tomato with a Sweet and Sour dressing. It has around 5 pieces of prawns, green beans and onions too. Usually, they would all be mixed together while it is being stir fried in the pan.

Overall it was alright but not extraordinary.

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Bolstering our stomachs for more food we were lucky enough to try both dessert options on the menu. Soy Sauce and also, the prawns and chicken is fine but putting octopus in just ruined it for me, it made the dish more fishier than it should have been.

Five minutes later our other dish arrived, we now had too much food for the table and as 3 of the dishes were hot, tried to consume our food before it was completely cold. The small pale pearls swum in a luscious coconut base and my first mouthful was an explosion of essence and aroma.

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I want to go back again for a full serve of it! What intrigued me was that it wasn't as dark as the other Pad Thai dishes I have had before as well the crumbed peanuts and the bean sprouts were placed on top and on the side along with a wedge of lemon.

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Perfectly located for a post work meal in the CBD and casual enough to decide on going at the last minute it is the ultimate catch-up-with-friends destination filled with vibe and atmosphere. PS the food was fine but the seafood noodle soup consists of just two prawns, lots of noodles and tofu!

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If not, it will seem like eating a plain no dressing salad. He advised us he would serve small portions of multiple dishes on the menu so that we could try a bit of everything without getting ridiculously full. It wasn't that busy during lunch time so it was rather nice to dine at a more peaceful and not so noisy environment.

Spring rolls are delicious yes, but I never think of them of great, with Vietnamese cuisines, I still would rather opt for the rice paper rolls. It didn't take long for the food to arrive which was good since no one likes a grumbling tummy and having to wait long for meals.

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