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We couldn't reach out feather falls casino events see if anyone needed help, if they had pets needing rescuing, or if they just needed a place to stay. Onboard employees and send welcome messages to introduce new employees.

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Feather Falls Casino created a group stream called "Casino Connect" that encourages two-way communication for anything that employees and managers want to post. Just steps away from our judging tent, is the 2 rated KOA in the entire country. And yes, the photo in the background is of the actual KOA park. For those coming from other areas of the West Coast: Where in the world is this event?

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Then that department challenges another department to do the same. Oroville Dam disaster sparked the need to reach evacuated employees; Beekeeper came to the rescue When Oroville Dam's main and emergency spillways were damaged in Februaryit prompted the evacuation of more thanpeople living downstream along the Feather River in Oroville, Calif.

They also need to be recognized among their peers and rewarded for doing a great job. This ultimately creates loyalty, and it drives job retention.

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Engage with employees who don't have computer access or email. Returning and Expanding from — Better RV options! Great contest We had a great time!

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Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time last weekend. It's a fun, social way to get to know employees better. It was critical for management to determine if employees needed assistance, to explain the property's attendance and absence policies, and to see who could work pre-scheduled shifts and who could not due to relocation.

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Recognize employees, get team feedback, share our successes, and acknowledge successes of others. From our arrival to departure, everything was perfect: All outlets, including the Casino, Lodge and Brewing Co.

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Unaware that I had already demoed the system, we now had three associates advocating for Beekeeper. Be interactive and encourage collaboration - information sharing and ideas.

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The contest was, of course, perfection. Feedback from past contestants We are humbled by the feedback that this event has brought fun back to BBQ contests.

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Pin important documents for employees to access. Be transparent and inclusive - everyone gets the same information no matter what shift they work or what department they work in. Additional nights Thursday or Sunday are available at reasonable rates.

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Eliminate bulletin boards and posters in break rooms throughout the property. Teams will now be able to reserve a KOA space as their team site. Send targeted information or messages to predefined groups or departments.

Upon returning from an industry convention, our Director of Hospitality Mark Grover and the Front Office Manager Scott Nash couldn't wait to tell me about an amazing solution they discovered that could solve all our communication problems; they were talking about Beekeeper.

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We will likely be using additional areas for public parking, and are planning to have shuttles running to and from the remote parking areas throughout the day. We've even started a new video challenge called 'Meet the Hive in Five' where one department makes a video featuring an employee who answers five questions about himself or herself. If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

Talk about a free upgrade! Push out emergency information.

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Empower employees - gives them a voice. Receive analytics and business intelligence to gauge the effectiveness of what we are doing.

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We needed a fairer way to engage everyone, regardless of what shift they work. While we have bulletin boards on the premises, we needed a more consistent and efficient way to reach the bulk of our employees in real time. Here are some of their words: Nice contest, I will be back.

Most of our employees don't sit in front of a computer; they're busy serving guests. To improve on the company's crisis communication plan, Turner set out to find much-needed technology feather falls casino events engaged employees and allowed them to communicate during an emergency. For employees to be truly happy, they need to have a voice.

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Individual streams were also activated, enabling departments to post schedules, accolades for jobs well done, news about the hotel or department and more. A first-class event all the way What a great event. If it is not present, please try another browser or device. The casino proper is at and surrounding the pin.

Employees with flip phones or who have no way of downloading the app can view communication streams on TV hangover casino quotes in break rooms.

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It was an ineffective way to operate, and it left our employees feeling disconnected, especially those working the swing and graveyard shifts. Nothing is off the table. During this crisis, property managers, including Human Resources Director Rhonda Turner, had no way of communicating with staff - the majority of whom do not have a work email address.

Share information quickly and easily, including policy and safety information, and set read receipts.

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We are grateful that Rhonda Turner didn't give up on her dream to implement Beekeeper. Teams and judges will be sent detailed instructions prior to the event.

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This is just one of many ways that Beekeeper is making everyone feel part of the Feather Falls family. This was another great location. All come as part of your entry into this event. Provide two-way dialogue between employees and management.

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