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Thus, the United States recognized the Indians' right to the area with their only permanent homes in Like-a-Fishhook Village. The census reported a reservation population of 5, persons living on a land area of 1, We also agency process. The psychology of successful gambling of Garrison Dam between —53 and Lake Sakakawea as water reservoir for irrigation, for flood control, and hydroelectric power generation inincreased the proportion of water area on the reservation.

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By executive order, the tribes' holdings were reduced to the light pink area on July 13, although they gained some extra land straight north of the Missouri.

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The tribe retained some communal holdings and, since its reorganization in the s, has resisted distribution of individual allotments. The government was trying to encourage the tribal members to take up subsistence farming in the European-American style.

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The population of the reservation was 6, as of the census. At the same time, the narrow area north of the Missouri up to the greenish line became territory of the Three Tribes.

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