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Reply Wally August 11, Click on either photo to get a large size image and the names of all the stars!

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The Cicada That 8 Five Dock 2. Click here to see all showband photos The true era of the Irish showbands actually started in the mid 's, but really didn't catch fire and explode until the early 's. Cheers, Phil Peter Germann June 17,7: I remember the producer got John and Alex to play solos over the whole recording and then used parts of these on the final mix.

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Many books and documentaries have done a good job explaining how and why the showbands came about. Most amazingly, all these halls were within twenty miles of Letterkenny. Reply Ross Luff November 29, Check out the myspace.

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If you look hard enough, you find amzing stuff…. Bands like the Capitolthe Clipper Carltonthe Royal Showbandthe Miamiand many others created an industry that employed upwards of 10, people at its peak.

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Click on the photo for a full size version. Steve Zagami our sound guy had given it to me when I saw him the following year after I had left.

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He just played a shitload of tunes on the pub piano, including a couple of ordinary tunes that I wrote. Outline… Reply John January 22, I should sort out a few things so the mediator can correct a few feaux pars…. Each ballroom was running twice a week with top bands in all the venues.

Anyway, stay in touch guys. We also shot a video for Cicada at some old construction site with the guy who produced this recording.

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We were right into Gentle Giant at this time so there were these quirky odd meter hard to play things that John Sammers liked writing. Bob Oliver — drums. The pictures below are a who's who of the showband scene in the mid 's this is the front and back covers of the Spotlight Annual kindly contributed by Liam O'Reilly.

I appreciate the great comments made by all of you guys.

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John is coming back to live in Australia at the end of the year and we will perform next year as Outline which should be fun, so keep an ear out…. Reply Charles September 6,3: What is certain is that a showband had just one job Bay st and the lllinois hotel.

Phil would also be able to shed more light on the details of this demo recording. It was a pommy John Birch Flying Vee.

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Phil runs a very nice studio down at Rozelle called Monstereo. The largest digital showband archive in the world! Gary Grant is a great guy who managed Outline and as far as I can determine never had a band with anyone.

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You will be picked up from your accommodation in open top Jeeps to start your adventure. Usually this "show" included comedy skits, impersonations, or other acts that stopped the crowd in their tracks and they watched the "show" for up to a half hour or more, after which time dancing would be resumed.

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With the addition of Steve Black on the trumpet. Unlike the private bar crawls you will be joined by loads of other guys and girls with the same aim as you — to get smashed!

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Depending on where they played, this usually did not create a problem, but when it did, one band usually changed its name. Jenny Watson was our lead vocalist originally and she is a great singer.

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This 5-hour cruise is a popular way to celebrate your hen weekend and a perfect way to relax after a crazy night out. Often two bands in different parts of the country would choose the same name. For all you land lubbers out there we have a great jeep safari!

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John Sammers — guitar, vocals. In a interview on BBC Ulster radio he said that although the Clipper Carlton were the first band to put on a show during the night with their "Saturday Night Jukebox" segment, he was the first to add the word to his band's name, becoming The Dave Glover Showband.

As I just mentioned, I have a studio in Rozelle — monstereomusic and still write and record music…. Reply Bruce Dunstan September 16,4: I left that John Birch V at my mums and have just brought it back to the Gents casino newcastle to get it going again, although I have to confess to stupidly scalloping the beautiful jackaranda fretboard and allowing my guitar techs to refinish it in polyurethane.

I learned a few things and now teach music!

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I remember an epic tune which they used to do in the earlier days……… a history of music in 10 minutes… very funny. Awesome live band, with Phil one of the most captavating front man I have ever witnessed.

Outline - Australian Music History