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Cage Manager approaches window. In fact, I am going to confiscate it.

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Sadly, throughout the entire ordeal the MGM has ignored this story, hoping I presume that it will disappear and fade away. The NGB is a public institution entrusted with the important task of enforcing state gaming laws.

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Gamblers trekked right into the underbelly of a giant feline which, at least symbolically, consumed and digested all who entered the passageway between her golden jaws. Looks up status and level of play on computer Mr.

I am an MGM customer. It belongs to me.

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I did not hand holding casino chips the chip from a gaming table. They should not allow exchanging chips over there either. I hoped and trusted that the NGB would investigate the matter, and rule in my favor.

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I know nothing about his level of play. He owed me some money so I accepted the chip from him. There is nothing I can do unless you can prove that the chip is rightfully yours and that you got it from one of our gaming tables he gives a receipt which records that the chip was officially confiscated at the MGM.

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In essence, the NGB is the only organization with the power to force a casino into paying off a customer. Okay, so what does all this mean? I play poker here, bet on sports, and play some video poker.

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The practice of exchanging chips is not restricted to casinos. I obtained the chip at the Bellagio Poker Room about a month ago from a friend.

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Everyone involved knows that the chip likely came from a gaming table, months ago. This controversy centers on matters far more meaningful than money, and that is principle. Looks up name of player on computer I see that hand holding casino chips of person has not been rated at the MGM in years. After my emotional outrage subsided, a more practical response came over me which sought answers.

Is it irrelevant that I have never had a problem exchanging or cashing chips at the Bellagio in the past? Many casino poker games have included an odd chip or two in the pot from a stray casino. This is nothing unusual. How convenient for them.

I heard from some gamblers who stated they would not play at that casino again.

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It is particularly disconcerting to someone who loves living in Las Vegas and working in the casino industry to be the subject of such technicalities and abuse of power. In tourist-dependent Las Vegas, is it now up to gamblers to prove the source of each and every casino chip when asked?

I do know he plays regularly and stays at the Bellagio. It is a sobering blow to witness such a profitable online casino in singapore powerful corporation resorting to such petty tactics. So, is your policy that hand holding casino chips will not cash a one-dollar ship unless someone can prove where they obtained it?

Casino chips were even dropped into the collection plate at local churches.

Gambling Hand Holding Best Game Card Series and Money Chips. Flush, fortune.