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I have been a complusive gambler for 9yrs but now I realize that quitting is really not that hard if you REALLY WANT to quit, you just have to develop a HATE for gambling and stop thinking it's what you love doing because really it's not it's just become routine to you.

Today is my first day actually of being a recovering gambling addict.

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This is the motivation I am using to beat my addiction. I can relate to your post because I too had a loved one who gambled.

We are drawn into it, and we didn't even know what happened. John Scarne Gambling makes boys selfish and cruel as well as men.

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Sorry for the rant but back to the gambling really only the first pay cycle is hard if you have a job because your forced to go to work broke and thoughts of never gambling ever again start to consume your brain and it becomes hard to concentrate but once you get paid that all goes away and you feel amazing but remember this if you gamble that check and lose it, it will hate gambling quotes certainly make you lose your sanity all over again.

You play, you win, you play, you lose. However, the casinos have created a situation where this group of society is basically on steroids.

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But thank you for your deep insight. We are trying hard to make our lives better.

Its really that simple. We don't always get it the first time best texas holdem apps for ipad we are not giving up nevertheless.

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That is why we are here on the online support group. Now I say I was a fool for continuing to try and beat the odds I succumb to the fact That me personally I hate gambling quotes win.

Their is nothing you could say to me that I have not already said to myself See why I hate gambling now I was honest with myself in all facets I'm a loser when it comes to gambling and the irony is I hate losing so if I hate losing I should hate gambling because all I do is lose no matter how much I'm up so by not gambling I'm winning and I love winning in life plus with your new found state of mind you will shock those around you by not gambling and even those gambling buddies will start to envy you because chances are there losing too but can't muster up the courage to quit like you.

Whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or whatever.

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Today's winners are tomorrow's blinking toads, dumb beasts with no hope. George Bernard Shaw The gambling interests like to point to the construction jobs, but those jobs go away. Sports betting-lifetime loser craps-lifetime loser poker-lifetime loser although I did have two consecutive winning years hourly turned out to be only 11hr-terrible and when you consider the amount of tobacco I smoked I probably lost two years off my life blackjack-lifetime loser baccarat-lifetime loser.

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Until, something clicks on day, and we become utterly disgusted with ourselves. Hate is an awfully strong word. The guilt and the shame have to end.

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I DO hate gambling. I dream of a world debt free and bet free.

You must be a true hate gambling quotes. I really hate gambling!! You care about the people around you, but can't stop the urge to use. You have every right to feel hurt, angry, frustrated - but we'll be here to extend a helping hand if you need positive encouragement or just a couple sets of ears He gambled compulsively and I never thought I would follow in his footprints but I also never believed I could become addicted.

I do understand why you would say that. All men are equal at cards. IM not using GA because I find GA try's to strip you of your identity and it makes you feel like some sick powerless person and by no disrespect I know gambling is a hate gambling quotes and I'm not shaming those who go but I just can't commit to being so powerless and using some of their terminology because it creates a weak minded mentality my personal opinion there.

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