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Small pairs and suited connectors are less desirable now as your implied odds chance of winning a big pot from a small investment are lower. These numbers represent the probabilities of hitting a particular hand for you AND your opponents at showdown.

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Manual calculator if ever you want to calculate a hand manually See mucked opponents hands at showdown only some rooms. Here you are on the tournament critical list — any high cards are good enough to move all-in with.

Return to Top Do poker rooms allow Poker Indicator? You can launch Poker Indicator before or after you sit in at a table. Thank you for your patience. This number is crucial for success in tournament play. Red Zone — M is 5 or less. Player statistics and automatic profiling of opponents.

Each of the Poker Indicators will work with each of the game tables independently. The percentage of games where this player saw the flop over the entire number of games played.

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You can use the manual calculator for poker sites that are currently not supported by Poker Indicator, or even while playing in a holdem indicator supported rooms poker game with your friends. How can I upgrade it? You can select your hole cards and the board cards by clicking any card in the deck. It's another way holdem indicator supported rooms describe your hole cards' strength.

Here you have lost all flexibility if you play a hand it should be all-in, try being the first into a pot to maximize the chance opponents will fold. You will then see the corresponding odds are displayed at the top part of the window. Alert when you have the nuts. Feel free to download any of the popular network tools and monitor Poker Indicator if you feel you need to.

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At first I must admit that I was playing a bit wrong using it, I was using the pot odds vs win percentage a little too literally on the turn and river. The rest are the board cards. Percentage that a player raises an unopened pot pre-flop from Cutoff, Button or Small Blind position and how often they fold to such a play.

The other asset I discovered was the Pot Odds percentage display which helps you make decisions based on the amount of money in the pot vs your hand strength and of course the hand win percentage is absolutely brilliant in calculating precisely where you stand. Group 1 is the strongest, group 9 is the weakest. Sklansky Group ratings and EV for preflop starting hands are visible preflop as are opponent statistics and any betting patterns they may have exposed.

We use a slightly different way to roulette calcul distance odds in manual calculator compared with the real time one. For the whole list of the groups, click here. Poker Indicator currently only supports Windows OS. Return to Top Why do you send duplicate emails with Registration Code to me? As you might guess, the more cards left in the deck that will improve your hand, the better.

The Mzone tells you exactly when you can afford to play for that long shot and when to shove based on your stack size relative to the tournament as it progresses. Return to Top I already installed Poker Indicator. Return to Top Holdem indicator supported rooms Opponent Stats: It won't send any of your private information over the Internet.

Automatic Profiling The Holdem-Indicator poker tracking software provides automatic profiling of opponents once enough hands have been played, players are categorized into: Poker Holdem indicator supported rooms was officially approved by PokerStars.

Percentage that a player raises an unopened pot pre-flop from Cutoff, Button or Small Blind position and how often they fold to such a play. Net — Net win and loss displayed. Please remember however, that this is a compilation of EV for the average player, so they are just representative of long term statistics and not Texas Hold'em facts.

Yellow Zone — MZone between 10 and The following are all tracked by Holdem Indicators software. The percentage of games where this player stayed in all the way to showdown over the entire number of games played. Play money and real money data are tracked separately. By this you know how representative the stats are.

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By Leslie Radue Holdem Indicator is an advanced online poker odds calculator that displays instant poker odds in real time with simple and easy to understand HUD, it calculates accurate poker odds, pot odds, number of outs and table position.

Manual calculator if ever you want to calculate a hand manually See mucked opponents hands at showdown only some rooms. Expected value is the average amount of big bets this hand will make or lose.

Loosen up play, stop the blinds eating away at your stack. Return to Top About Pre-flop winning percentage. OUTs refer to the unseen cards still left in the deck that will improve your hand after the Flop.

EV is not only based on your pocket cards, but also dealer button's position, your seat position, and the number of players in that hand.

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Why does Poker Indicator holdem indicator supported rooms to access the Internet? PFR — Pre-flop raise percentage. Return to Top Does Poker Indicator monitor any personal information of mine? The poker EV calculations displayed in the HUD preflop are a great help for pre-flop starting hands, the poker EV odds data was compiled from live online poker table data and shows the true odds value of your hand.

The results are not so accurate as the odds Poker Indicator calculates after flop, but they are good enough to indicate the strength of your starting hands. The player tracking feature allows you to exploit weaknesses in your opponents and can be switched between the current session or the entire history against an opponent, the poker odds calculator automatically profiles players which provides you with the tools needed to defeat them.

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Return to Top What does Group mean? Does Poker Indicator send any information over the Internet? Poker Indicator needs to connect to the server to check the latest software update. The advantage of relying on Poker Indicator is that it actually remembers all the precise player and table activity, and automatically tabulates it for you.

Considering holdem indicator supported rooms there might be email blocking for spam or junk email, we try to send email to our customer through different email address to make sure you get the Registration Code timely. And you don't need to unlock it again if you already unlocked it.

Return to Top How can I get started? It is quite simple to use. What kind of games does Poker Indicator support? The percentage of showdowns that this player actually won. PFR — Pre-flop raise percentage.

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In this case, if you can find that your opponents might have better hand by seeing how they behaved, you may decide to fold your hand. Poker Indicator will automatically detect the availability of a newer version.

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If no one folds during the game, you should see the same odds results in real time and in the manual calculator. In this way, you'll get a more accurate and informative odds result.

Top professionals have amazing card memory - so can you! Return to Top Does Poker Indicator support multiple game tables at the same time?

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