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Ferries from Hong Kong to Macau As Hong Kong citizens can freely travel to Macau and there are four ferry routes open between the two special administrative districts offering nearly sailings every day, over half a million people travel to Macau via Hong Kong every month.

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Poker operated under this exception until when police made it clear there was no exception for poker. Holland America Cruise Line Volendam has 8 table games, 72 gaming and video poker hong kong gambling.

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Hong Kong Casino List. Potential operators have no avenue to even attempt to acquire an online gambling license.

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There are a couple of exceptions for internet sports betting, but there's nothing in place for casino gambling or poker. The online gambling market in China is massive despite the government's attempts to protect people from themselves.

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Macau Macau is significantly more gambling-friendly than the rest of China. Social gaming such as Mahjong as well as other tile games and even dice games are permitted in certain establishments as long as they don't derive income or promote the pastime. Proceeds from sports betting football horse racing, and the local lottery are funneled back into the community.

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These forms are all offered offline only with the exception of local internet betting options for some casinos. The types of gambling available in Hong Kong are: Races are held on Wednesday nights and open to the public.

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Special Administrative Regions Hong Kong and Macau are both considered "special administrative regions" in which China administers each region's defense and foreign affairs but leaves each region in control over its own domestic laws, police, and economy. We won't even try to tell you whether or not it's safe or legal to place internet bets while inside China, because we honestly don't know enough about the market to give you a definitive answer.

The law neither prohibits nor permits online gambling; it simply doesn't address the issue. The rest of this section will address offline gambling only.

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As of Julyno such action has taken place. Therefore, online gambling is mostly dead in China. As such, there are no legitimate gambling sites based out of Macau.

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Lottery tickets, horse racing bets, and football bets can all be placed online. There are 4 cities with gambling facilities in Hong Kong which have 6 legal gambling facilities available in total.

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It is also a significant world finance center. Macau is by far the largest gambling destination in the world. In fact, Macau surpassed Las Vegas for gaming revenues in It usually takes less than an hour to get from one SAR to the other.

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Neither one of these regions has any system in place to monitor, regulate, or even allow online gaming sites to go live. The country even attempts to wa state gambling license citizens' access to online casinos via the Great Firewall of China.

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