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Her power the inherited Starheart-come-Green Lantern power was transferred to Kyle Rayner, vastly increasing his power, and instigated Kyle's second metamorphosis into Ion. Kyle again had to contend with a former villain of the Green Lanterns coming to Earth for revenge.

Fatality did not know who was responsible for the destruction of her world, only knowing that a Green Lantern was, and so she blamed all Green Lanterns and began to hunt them down all over the universe. He joined the hunt for the Quinteta family of Sinestro Corps siblings who were murdering the families of rookie Green Lanterns. He agrees, and he is left again in mourning in his new home, unable to sort out both his life, both the mysteries surrounding his recent misfortunes and encounters, seemingly tied together.

With his new powers, Kyle could bend time, space, and reality. Later Guy Gardner meets him to tell "bad news" about his mother who was in a hospital dying with no known medical cause. After Hal Jordangrief-stricken over the destruction of his hometown of Coast Citywent on a mad rampage, killing the entire Green Lantern Corps and most of the Guardians of the Universe who oversaw the Corps, Rayner was found by Ganthetthe last surviving Guardian, and given the last Green Lantern ring: Miri then had her look into her crystal to see his true love, and what he saw was Soranik.

Kyle had a talk with Sodam Yatthe new host of Ion.

Kyle awakens in " the Bleed ," encountering the two children that found the Tangent Comics' lantern, as well as aiding Captain Atomwho is still sporting the Monarch armor, in a battle against Daemonites.

Although KT21 was killed when she tried to kill Kryb, the monster herself was defeated, and Amnee gave birth.

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On Oa, Kyle confronted the Guardians over their deceptions regarding Ion, and their percieved abandonment of him on Qward. Kyle was now in the exact same position that Hal Jordan had been in when he had become Parallax. He left New York and spent some time trying once again to find his place on Earth, and ended up staying with his mother for a brief time.

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GL pleaded with Hal to return and save the Earth. Kyle enlists Captain Atom's help in escaping the Bleed, re-absorbs the Tangent Comics' superheroes back into the lantern, and returns to the Guardians of the Universewho send him on a mission to sector Things went bad while he was there, however, and a mission of peace quickly turned into a firefight.

Kyle Rayner becoming Ion once again. Once again limited only by his willpower and imagination, Rayner's ring can still affect yellow, does not have a set time limit on its power, and is keyed directly to him. Mongul decided any Honor roulette monster warlord Tarif parking casino bern would do.

Kyle left the choice with the Prees, who had decided to resign following the new rule's implementation, and chose to give Miri's plan a chance. The Guardians forbid anyone to leave Oa to help, but did not say anything about off-worlders going after him.

Ganthet's reasons for choosing Kyle to bear the ring have never been made completely apparent, aside from Rayner having been in the right place at the right time. During their discussion, they were attacked by Nero, but Sodam was able to take control of Nero's constructs something Kyle, while as Ion, never thought he could do and defeat him. The Guardians claim they ordered the other Green Lanterns not to help because he needed to pass one final test for them to be sure he can handle his power.

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It helps that Hal Jordan has gone through changes in his past, and would be the best to help. Through sheer force of will, Kyle was able to defeat them and return home. Before he left, however, Green Lantern Hal gave a copy of his power ring to Kyle, since his had the ability to duplicate itself, while Kyle's did not.

After a brief fight, "Atom" gains the upper hand and knocks Kyle out. Torquemada returns to Oa with his wounded ally and informs Kilowog that "something is terribly wrong". Before leaving, he placed John Stewartrecently fully healed from his paraplegia and given a new power ring, into his spot in the JLA.

Ion was one with everything, but Kyle Rayner could no longer sleep or separate himself from the overwhelming responsibilities. As he saw one of the murdered Lantern's bodies burn up on reentry, Kyle snapped and launched a violent physical assault on Kryb.

Before he purged all of the power though, he modified his ring. With Nero in tow, Kyle confronts the Guardians and asks what they knew about his becoming Ion, why Nero was wreaking havoc as Ion, and why they ordered the Green Lantern Corps to not assist him.

In desperation, Kyle sought out Parallax and found him at the Source Wall. Following which, he ceased to operate solely on Earth. There, he freaks out again, nearly breaking her arm before flying off again and then finding himself in orbit over Mogothe sentient Green Lantern planet. Return of Ion Main article: She briefly broke up with him, as she was still in the aftermath of her divorce at the time, and headed off with John Stewart into space.

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Kyle was forced to detonate the planet to stop Hal's madness. Kyle managed to stop her, but after she tried to surrender the power ring, it exploded, taking her arm with it. When they realized this, they decided that the created Green Lanterns should return to Kyle's mind. However, upon requesting his ring to scan for any mental abnormalities that might explain Kyle's erratic behavior, the ring instead reveals the rampaging Ion to in fact be Alex Nero.

Ganthet and another female Guardian, Saydimprisoned Parallax in the Earth Lanterns' power batteries, and Ganthet gave Kyle a new power ring. After comforting her, Kyle is once again contacted by a Guardian who tells him he must return to Oa at once. The other Lanterns attempt to restrain him gre slots india Kryb the chance to expose them to a chemical agent she secreted that took control of their minds, causing Kyle, Soranik, KT21, and Matoo Pree to attack Amnee Pree and force her to go into labor.

This time, it was a woman named Fatalityan alien whose home of Xanshi had been destroyed partially because of the actions of John Stewart. Eventually they all realized that Kyle had created the Circle of Fire because he needed help. Now he is Ion.

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In a confrontation with Kyle, Oblivion revealed that he was a distillation of Kyle's doubts and darker impulses, made manifest through the power of the ring. He has also been a host for the Ion entity, and a member of the Justice League.

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Green Lantern was hailed as the hero of the hour by the mayor of New York. Sinestro Corps War Kyle discovered a yellow power ring flying through space. In the battle, he disappeared with Kyle. At a satellite base inside of an asteroid in sectorKyle discovers a number of dead Qwardian Weaponersas well as Donna Troy. Kyle eventually forces her to reveal why she has chosen him as her prey and Kyle learns of the evacuation fleet's destruction and his apparent role in it.

The Guardians tell Kyle that he will no longer be required to patrol, but will be called in during situations that the Corps cannot handle by themselves.

The Guardians admit that they only know that some unforeseen enemy has set Nero on a path of destruction to Oa. GL managed to hold the line, defeating Grayven in single combat, although John Stewart was gravely injured in the battle and left paralyzed from it.

The job came with an assistant, a 16 year-old boy named Terry Berg. Although he acted alone for many years, when the Corps was reformed, his skill level gave him a position as an Honor Guardonly behind Salakk and the Guardians in the chain of command of the Corps.

Ion Kyle Rayner as Ion. GL and Superboy encountered Black Mantain his new monstrous form. Their bickering almost allowed Sonar to overcome them. Before leaving Earth, he is assaulted by two superpowered individuals, a male and female who claim to be the Atom and the Flash respectively both are characters from DC's Tangent Comics event.

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