How to beat coral roulette machines. How to Win On Roulette Machines in Bookies with Roulette Gambling Systems

Following on from the FOBT Cheats articleI have written the best ways to play these games, and suggested methods to avoid. Games such as Key Bet RouletteExtra Bet Roulette and Lucky 8 Roulette all have a progressive pot that will eventually push the chance of winning into the players favour.

There is a reason people lose a lot more on roulette machines than they do in say a real world or internet casinoand that is mainly due to the speed at which the bets can be placed, as well as the betting limits put in place on the roulette machines. You have to be foolish enough to use a system where you double the amount you bet every time you lose.

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The betting layout requires you to cover 31 numbers, including the Key Bet. It is not difficult to understand how it works because from the name, you can tell that you have to make multiple inside bets and flood the table. As you can see from the image below, you have to bet in columns of 6.

Zero goes a hundred or more spins plenty of times with been hit, and a number is certainly never due. The content on the betting terminals is often very similar, however both companies have exclusive contracts with different slot and roulette manufacturers. You might find you prefer to use this method to try for one Key Bet, then leave whatever the outcome.

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Despite this handicap, it is reliable enough to increase your odds of winning. I will explain the maths and the best method to get the pots and what the minimum value should be in order to make a profit. The cable could then be plugged back in, and the game played as standard, now with the odds massively in the players favour for winning the cash pot. This is different as to how they used to work, with new fixed percentage slot machines been installed with life in them to encourage play.

Show More Roulette Machine Cheats There are a lot of myths surrounding these machines, and many people make assumptions about the betting terminals. Updates happen during the night when the machines are idle, with new software or games added via an Internet connection. They are after all just computer programs, and exploits exist for computer software all the time.

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A continued disciplined approach to these roulette games will result in long term profit. If you were an experienced roulette player, then that mindset applies. The slot machines for the most part are random, however there are a few exceptions whereby the slot will run on a fixed percentage. So, that's your time and the odds of hitting the Key Bet pot. If you are using it as a standard roulette game, the odds are slightly worse because bonus roulette will often have one or two extra slots to activate the bonus.

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You can switch it up by including outside bets to secure a win. The spins also take around two minutes, and not the twenty seconds as they do on the roulette machines. An explanation of the maths: With this layout you can cover any number except zero, and you will have to leave 6 numbers blank.

In summary, to enhance your game, change your betting pattern or betting location. If you were in a real world casino using real chips, there is no repeat bet button.

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Using Past History As the roulette machines are random, the past history is meaningless. Because of this, the bonus pots are often very low, and increase at a minimal rate. As the machine is fairly new, the pots have all increased at roughly the same rate.

Free roulette systems and strategies for those who want to learn how to win at roulette.

In this regard, bet how you want to bet, not by how the roulette machine is suggesting you to play. So what is safe betting? In the early nineties, however, the popularity of roulette systems declined a bit.

I recently had six number 10s' in a row! This gave way to roulette cheats that specially address beating the game of chance in bookies. At maximum playing speed the law allows for no more than two spins per minute.

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As these games are random and require a minimum bet per spin, short term your losses may be great then your winnings. Or play online for different stakes. As a result, most cheats that teach modern players how to win on roulette machines in bookies are by now, illegal.

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Flood Betting If you have not heard of this type of betting method, out of the hundreds of roulette gambling systems, you will soon realize that it is worth using. So stick to standard roulette if you are wanting to play a traditional roulette game. Safe betting is where you cover all of, or nearly the entire roulette table with chips. This type of betting will almost always result in a gradual lose, and very little real prospect of any significant profit, or any profit at all in the majority of cases.

This would mean, playing only for the cash pot, not playing other roulette games, and walking out of the betting shop if the pots are to low. This betting method covers most areas of the roulette table. Other cheats come and go, such as not needing to bet on certain positions on some roulette games for it to pay a win, or manipulating the Internet connection to disrupt or encourage certain outcomes.

This is a simple method that requires no more than patience.

FOBT Roulette Cheats

I take no responsibility for your gambling or the maths explained above. For the most part they should be ignored, but there are occasionally FOBT cheats, however once discovered they are usually corrected straight away. There are several guides on this site for all of the mentioned machines, so use the menus above to learn the betting odds for each roulette game. However, the Martingale is one of the easiest systems to use when all else fails.

So how can you combat this?

Minimum bet per spin: You get to choose 30 numbers as inside bets. Martingale Betting System At this point, it is surprising to see progressive betting systems like the Martingale make it to any list that instructs you how to win on roulette machines in bookies. One downside is that it is not entirely systematic since it might rely on luck every now and then.

Ways to beat betting terminals that offer roulette slowly grew in demand. Please post any comments below. With these two concepts in mind, all the player had to do was bet anywhere he wanted, and if it was going to be a losing spin, force a reset before the bet was complete.

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If you deviate from this method, then the odds will change. The odds can fluctuate wildly in either direction due to the nature of the Key Bet. Aside from that, you should remember that if you sit down to do this method then deviate from it in anyway, the odds will change.

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None of this information is hidden, just click the help or info tab on each game to see its settings and percentage. So, spins divided by 2 gives the amount of minutes. The next best option, or perhaps the most acceptable option, is the use of betting methods.

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