Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on iPhone iPod

Kim k miraggio casino. Guide to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - The Tips, Tricks, and Info You Need to Make it to the A-List

Changing your appearance

Anticipate how many stars or hearts you will receive based on the number of energy points required. It's 5 stars but you will get 1 energy and 1 large Purple Heart in return. Do "small talk," wait about an hour, and then do "small talk" again. First try to memorize everyone's name on your contact list that you don't really use and that you run into a lot in bars and restaurants then delete them.

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Filling four hearts results in a perfect date. Spend 30 K stars and lose 0 fans or never mind.

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Pets Adopt a pet when you get a new place to live to get bonuses that include energy and money. It's the only house you can invite 7 guests and its the guests that will help you on this.

The more energy you spend, the more you will get. Oh and anytime you guys find a great glitch and want to keep it working just cancel your updates on the game, so that way it won't update and fix the "bugs" Available tasks are indicated at the top left side, and are marked with a check.

Speaking with others Use the mean responses when necessary. Finish one, complete it, and then progress to the next one after your energy is restored.

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Seriously though, a word of warning A new head icon and an eye icon will appear to the left of it. She gives you three choices do it anyway.

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Must allow an hour. The more expensive the clothing, the more likely you are to be noticed. This will increase your fans and help you gain experience faster.

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Once you have a few contacts, check their fan following and list status and actively date them. But at least when I blast you online, I do it as a professional! When talking to a character, if the "Use charm" option appears, use it.

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Talk to everyone to get every opportunity to further your career. Be careful what you say and do around Peter, because he'll burn you online!

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Go to each guest and tap "Small talk" with each. When you end up not having enough star rating or love rating to perform a desired action, take the longest shift available at your workplace and complete it for extra money.

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If you choose And you won't? With each action performed during a task, you will be rewarded with money, energy and stars which can be collected by tapping them.

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You then will be able to complete task by selecting a series of actions. Hydrant, coffee sign, tree outside Kim's Mansion. Select 8 hour party and Invite 7 guests from your professional contacts.

House parties for events For future weekend house party events, here's a suggestion for getting it done quickly kim k miraggio casino get the free awards at the end if you don't kim k miraggio casino the energy cheat: Romantic Glances and Kissing do not cost a lot of energy, and they add to your meter in small amounts.

Anyways I was at level 15 and in 3 weeks I got to level 32!

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I was so mad I lost all of my dating progress What I'd like to know is Choose a date that has more fans and is a higher celebrity listing than yourself.