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Leah later loses the baby. Amanda appears to be doing everything to help Dan and Leah, but she is secretly still trying to ruin the event. I carry the secrets of what our whole relationship is with them.

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While on a date, Mullens rapes Rosie and she initially blames herself for what has happened. He recovers but has a major swelling on his brain, which causes him to act out of character, including trashing Leah's house and kissing Sally Fletcher Kate Ritchie.

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Leah is suspicious and believes he is having an affair when she sees him with Gwen Stacy Saskia Smith. Home and Away was often on the telly at her house He convinces her that "the main thing is that they love each other" and everyone helps to reorganise the day. Sasha then jumps in to help her and they become friends. Casting[ edit ] Campbell joined the cast of Home and Away as Dan in Dan is successful and Peter steps aside.

Dan is devastated by the loss of the baby and tries to distance himself from his wife and sleeps with Amanda. Bored with life in the bay, Dan looks for a fresh challenge. Campbell said that Dan catches Peter surrounded by drugs paraphernalia and he confesses her is attempting to arrest drug dealers.

Haddy revealed "Rosie hears she used to be with Casey and gets excited because, to her, he's like royalty in Summer Bay.

When Peter wakes from his coma both he and Dan compete for Leah's affections. Leah is furious and Dan takes off in his car and hits a tree. She begins to question Rosie about her family. More shocks follow when it is revealed that Peter did not die in the explosion. In spite of these matters, they marry with their friends and family present and Dan performs an impromptu version of " Soul Kind of Feeling " at the reception.

They reunite briefly when Leah is revealed to be pregnant but things are strained when Dan discovers she kissed Peter after overhearing a conversation. The next piggs casino flash, Bella meets up with Rosie and Sasha at the Diner and tells them that she reported her rape to the police.

Leah is angry and upset further when she is kidnapped by Dan's creditor, Dudley Shepherd Terry Serio and they separate after she is rescued.

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She added "Dan's on the other side of the world so it doesn't seem real [ The cast and crew have made me feel so welcome and can't wait for everyone to meet my character Chris next year. She also stated that Hannah would "fight fiercely for her family", but she has a fear of being alone and needs to be loved.

He secretly kyle gambling home and away for a new job.

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He added that the serial had been a "fantastic place" to work and was excited to pursue other projects. There is some friction when Peter and Amanda begin a relationship but things settle. Dan takes an interest in Leah Patterson and begins a relationship with her, despite the fact her husband Vinnie Ryan Kwanten is alive in witness protection.

She decides to run into the sea, despite not kyle gambling home and away able to swim well and Sasha has to run in and save her.

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Rosie refuses to let Sasha stay over her house and pays Tilda Hogan Gigi Perry to pretend to be her younger sister Hannah. Sasha tries to get Rosie to stop hanging out with Mullens, but she refuses.

Dan hallucinates and sees visions of Ryan which cause him to wander off into the bush. Rosie asks him to go to the police. Nicodemou added that "despite the fact that nothing goes as planned on the wedding day, it turns out better than Dan and Leah could have hoped. Leah purchases a new diner kyle gambling home and away a section called the Den as a social club.

Dan is shocked when he learns Drew has fallen for Amanda and tries to discourage the affair. Leah has to overcome her guilt and move on from her former husband Vinnie Patterson Ryan Kwanten. He later proposes to Leah after the dissolution of her marriage to Vinnie and she accepts but Dan is still married to his ex, Amanda Vale and they have to wait for the divorce to come through. They also find Ric Dalby Mark Furze who has been living rough.

Zac asks Lachlan to leave, but he explains that he just wants to talk to Rosie, as he has Mullens's text messages and videos of her rape. Upon watching Dan's funeral scenes the actor added: In one scene Dan sang to Leah, Campbell enjoyed the opportunity but found it "nerve wracking" singing in front of the cast.

While babysitting Leah's son, VJ, Dan falls asleep and when he awakes he finds him unconscious. She concluded that "Dan does not seem capable of violence" but Dan's behaviour had already worried Leah before. Sasha supports Rosie, as she reports Mullens to the police. While working at the Diner, Rosie collapses and soon learns that she is pregnant.

Amanda's arrival with Dan's six-year-old son, Ryan Isaac Gorman in tow proves to be a testing time when Amanda tries to sabotage the wedding and Ryan takes an instant dislike to Leah and is frequently naughty. Dan spends the next few months trying to keep Drew on the straight and narrow.

Rosie kisses Alexander Mullens and he brags about taking advantage of her. Then "all hell breaks loose [ He soon takes a job at the local school as a teacher and a counsellor.

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Sasha tries to get Rosie to touch a crab at the pier, but she becomes scared and falls into the sea. She also goes to the police to report Mullens. Leah learns they are unable to have children and considers IVF; Dan takes the money to pay his debts.

He instantly regrets it but is not ready to return to Leah. Sasha distances blackjack basic strategy theory from Rosie, who befriends some other teens from the school. His character will depart following his confession about shooting Charlotte King Erika Heynatz.

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While growing up he was "fiercely competitive" against Peter, but was still "easy-going". Rosie decides to keep the baby and she later leaves the Bay to live in the city with her father. A few days later, Mullens is arrested. Rosie briefly leaves school, as she feels unsafe, but she soon returns. The characters first appeared in online webisodeswhich explored their backgrounds.

Leah sells her share of the Diner to Roman Harris Conrad Coleby and prepares for the move, but she receives a phone call telling her Dan has died in an abseiling accident while in America. It's just a real privilege to be on a show that is so loved.

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He explained further that "it will be an unfortunate storyline, he doesn't get killed off - he gets a job offer he can't refuse and leaves Summer Bay behind. They were spending time together kissing, so she feels like she brought this on herself.

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Dan begins drinking heavily. He said that viewers did not mind because they still approached him saying "oh, I miss Leah and Dan, they were such a great couple. However, both girls get caught in a rip and have to be saved by Casey and John Palmer Shane Withington.