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After leaving the decals to dry completely, apply a generous coat of automotive varnish to protect the decoration in case the car run on the track. He finished second again at Sanremo, but the team was subsequently disqualified and docked points for fuel irregularities, and Sainz had by then retired from the Catalunya Rally with electrical failure.

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By this time Toyota and Lancia were reputedly working with blank cheques and win-at-all-costs budgets from their parent companies, and rumours abounded of creative interpretations of the rules, especially on the part of Lancia. As always happens to me, I see the jobs simplest than they are.

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Conclusiones Queda trabajo por hacer, en principio, buscar mejorar los ejes, dado que con los de serie el auto es mas "nervioso" de lo recomendado. In fact the Celica initially proved problematic and Auriol dominated the early part of the season for Lancia, taking a record six wins and pulling out a large championship lead.

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It was a very laborious work but Lancia delta integrale slot left the chassis perfect with the supports in their appropriate position and height. La vista lateral nos muestra al sponsor principal FINA actualmente Total Lubricantes los colores son correctos por favor no tomar en cuenta las llantas dado que el auto lo adquirimos de segunda mano y fueron reemplazadas dado que las originales estaban muy torcidas.

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I changed the output side of the exhaust pipe. Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione I. By the time guest driver Mikael Ericsson took it to victory on the Rally Argentina, the 8v Integrale had won all of its previous twelve World Championship events.

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With all pieces of the interior finished stick them in its proper position and give a coat of paint. European Championship[ edit ] Outside the World Championship the Delta was used by several private teams, with varying degrees of backing from the works team.

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The front seats, a Recaro ones in the original car, I made from 0, starting from a template drawed on paper and then cut from a credit card. Lancia Delta Integrale 16v.

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However, the Italian driver suffered no serious mechanical problems and continued to take victory. To make sure that lancia delta integrale slot position of the supports was adequate help me out of an original Scalextric chassis that I screwed on a wooden board where it had struck a graph paper.

Jolly Club ran as a second-string team throughout the Group A era, before taking over from the official works team for Also paste a small piece of plastic to simulate the front wing indicator. Major modifications focused on the engine, where the 8-valve cylinder head was replaced by a valve one, along with a new turbo Garret T3 were able to reach hp.

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A new and stronger six-speed gearbox was already under development and was introduced for the next lancia delta integrale slot. The chassis gave me more work than expected.

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The RAC Rally saw a close battle in the British forests between Kankkunen and Sainz, which was settled late in the event when the head gasket blew on Sainz's Toyota, giving Kankkunen his third driver's championship. Once the rear seats finished I realized that the front seats were little small compared to the rear so I decided to do it again because the difference of size was very evident.

Juha Kankkunen rejoined the team, joining Biasion and Auriol.

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And this is how looked the slot car already built: The sudden change in the rules left many manufacturers without a suitable car, with the partial exception of Lancia. For the next two seasons the cars would be run by the semi-private Jolly Club team, albeit initially with continuing support from the factory.

The Lancia was among the most powerful, which, along with its reliability, accounts partly for its continued success in the face of handicaps such as poor weight distribution the Delta was always nose-heavy and a transmission system less sophisticated than that of the Toyota.

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First I made a paper template and then cut two pieces of plastic credit card, Kankkunen also scored consistent podium finishes and a win in Portugal, whilst guest driver Andrea Aghini won the Rallye Sanremo. Didier Auriol went out early in the event after a high-speed crash, but Biasion went on to win.

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Perhaps the red should have been a slightly darker and muted tone to match more than the original car, but did not want to complicate with mixed colors.

Lancia delta integrale slot