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Call it an amusement park for the privileged, a place to let loose and be rich, where competitive juices can get a victimless workout. It was my single best run in Vegas -- and Mj gambling suspension didn't have Leahy standing nearby jotting down unflattering notes. Leahy made the night seem nefarious, describing how MJ fell behind by half a million before turning things around in the wee hours by playing two hands at a time, jabbering loudly and confidently all the while, working the dealer as if he were Bryon Russell.

Professional athletes earn too much to be swayed by fixers. Should you be surprised?

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Back before NBA teams had grasped the rejuvenating power of chartered airplanes, the Bulls were waiting for their luggage in Portland when Jordan slapped a hunny on the conveyor belt: Mj gambling suspension didn't pocket much a few hundred bucksand considering his net worth hovered around nine figures at the time, it's safe to say he didn't need the extra cash.

The qualities that once made MJ transcendent on the court -- his legendary hypercompetitiveness, superhuman stamina, larger-than-life swagger and unwavering confidence -- make the gambling crossover an obvious choice. We love to pick athletes apart, but what's the big deal about their gambling so much? For many celebs, it's not just about making it; it's about embracing the excess of making it.

Playing with the house's money is a way of life for these guys.

We hadn't played for 25 G's a hand, but we had risked a higher percentage of our net worth than MJ did in his Mohegan cameo, that's for sure. Word is that Larry Bird, a renowned cheapskate, wagered only on postpractice shooting contests which he was predisposed to win because, after all, he was Larry Bird.

Yes, the most cutthroat athlete of his generation loves to gamble, and even more than that, he loves to win.

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Of course, the media blows up that revelation and excoriates him for being so irresponsible. Chris Strauss November 22, 8: There was a chance at an easy score, and he took it.

During Jordan's Mohegan Sun all-nighter, I distinctly recall being impressed that Hamilton -- still a young player who hadn't done much -- looked totally comfortable in the high-stakes section with MJ. Plenty of skeptics have suggested a frozen or bent envelope with the Knicks card inside it was inserted into the big plastic cylinder prior to the lottery draw.

It's about owning the biggest mansion and the most cars, being able to buy anything without someone saying, "Wait, you can't afford that. Maybe there are ways teams can actually use it to their advantage.

And then you see the different poker shows on cable, gambling spreads in every newspaper, March Madness pools in every office, websites and magazines that have made a killing on the fantasy boom, scratch cards and lottery machines in every convenience store What he should be afraid of is that they'd be fodder for the high-roller hustlers in Vegas who make a killing in poker games and golf matches with overcompetitive multimillionaires.

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Watch any TV show in which a character starts betting, and almost always, he loses control before the big "intervention" episode. There has been a negative link between gambling and sports dating back years, back when heavyweight title fights and the World Series were fixed.

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Too much has been made of his gambling "problem" over the years. What football player would be inspired by a coach who stays on 16? And after researching it, I got a different view about that, as well.

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What I witnessed was just three friends letting off steam. But if they want to, they can easily do that online. It's about playing Madden on a inch plasma instead of a inch flatscreen. Chase lays down a six-point rebuttal to the theory in his postwith his most pressing skepticism coming from King herself, who tweeted the following statement after the ESPN story ran.

If he didn't possess this drive at the tables, he'd be one of those Rudy Gay types on the court, a player who drifts during games and doesn't seem to care if his team wins or loses. That poise made him one of the crucial players on the world-champion Pistons.