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Against a cruiser, the arbitrator's neuting power is less of a problem - an armour tanked arby especially has trouble fitting more than one, maybe two medium neuts. One additional but rare option for the moa is to ignore the shield bonus and fit it with an armour tank, allowing the moa pilot to make full use of its mid slots for tackle and EWAR. Also now available is probably one of their biggest cult games, Pompeii and I will try to get 50 Lions at some point as it's arguably as popular as IGT's Cleopatra slot and some of the WMS games like Zeus and Raging Rhino which you can also play here for free.

You should treat a sniping moa as you would any sniper - avoid sitting still if you're flying a fragile ship, and be prepared to warp off if you're taking significant damage. Even if you can't keep it tackled, you'll probably force them to warp off, or moa low slots burn through their relatively fragile tank before they are able to do so. A typical blackbird is able to jam out to around km - only the scorpion caldari EWAR battleship can jam at longer ranges.

That said, most snipers will fight aligned, and will warp off if they feel threatened. Doing the missions always is the same procedure for me.

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After that wave is done I usually have some peace since then the others only attack if I get too close or attack them first. Against a shield tanked arbitrator, moa low slots the same applies except you probably won't have to worry about tracking disruptors or webs. As with the moa, EM and thermal are almost always your best bets for damage. Bear in mind that since most snipers operate at over km but still less than the km minimum warping distance, you may need to warp off ideally to an on-grid bookmark or burn away from the sniper to increase range before you'll be able to warp to your tackler or probe result.

Neither tactic is especially common, but be suspicious of lone blackbirds doing baity things, and if you primary a blackbird in a gang and it simply isn't dying and also doesn't seem to be jamming anybodythis could well be the reason. A solitary sniping moa doesn't really put out moa low slots damage to be a threat, since it has no way of tackling you and even the most fragile ships can generally warp out before they're destroyed.

The obvious choice is to take advantage of the moa's range bonus along with the impressive optimal range of rails, and fit it as a sniper. That also includes the storylines so far. The maller does have a spare high slot so be prepared for neuting, however pulse mallers in particular usually don't have the powergrid for a medium neut. What they do have plenty of is mid slots and cpu, so it's fairly common to see caracals with additional EWAR in their mids - sensor damps are particularly popular when flying in a gang.

Finally, it offers 3 turret hardpoints and room for 4 light drones - the largest compliment of a caldari t1 cruiser. This has a couple of advantages: Then I collect the loot, I lock and pull everything within 20km range and loot the wrecks.

While they are on the way to me I fire the missiles, at 35km I send the drones, at 20km I also add the guns.

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What you will have to worry about instead is catching them, since with a few speed mods the shield arby is a pretty fast ship! R i s e Posted - Because of this, most blackbird pilots will be forced to warp off when that frigate burns out to them - if they don't, they will probably die. While on paper its damage is just shy of that of a rupture, the ability of pulse lasers to hit out to 20km while still being in optimal and thus still dealing their maximum dps makes the omen's damage output very consistent.

Alternatively, a fast ship like an inty can be used to put pressure on the blackbird pilot - a blackbird can easily permajam a frigate, so actually tackling it is little threat unless all of its jammers are committed in which case you'll have up to 20 seconds to get a secondary tackler up there.

However, the damage it's able to put out at this range is less impressive and a decent fit is surprisingly difficult to put together.

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Finally, it's possible to fit a blackbird to be an effective solo ship in a similar way to the solo griffin - namely with a scram and web, blasters, and enough jam to keep its target permanently helpless usually with a little bit of shield tank just in case.

Your best plan when soloing an arby is usually to get fairly close so you can hit even when optimal range trackedand try to minimise your angular velocity to negate the effect of any tracking disruption - having a relatively fast ship as well as a web of your own will make this a lot easier. So I start firing the 2 heavies at them and they start coming towards me, usually I kill them before they start to make notable damage.

Because of its soft tank, the omen is generally not difficult to beat in a slugfest - most cruisers and t2 frigates should be able to come out on top in a close range brawl.

While neither of these have a damage bonus and with a plate, there's no room left for medium gunsthis offers enough dps to cause a potential problem for an adventurous frigate. In the last article we began looking at t1 cruisers, covering both the minmatar and gallente lines. These are pretty rare - I can only think of one pilot I know who flies one, however they can be a fairly deadly surprise for their unsuspecting opponent!

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In a frigate, be wary when chasing down an omen at range and try to close the last 20km quickly to minimise the time you're in optimal with low angular velocity but obviously, don't burn straight towards them Arbitrator Despite being nominally an EWAR ship, the arbitrator is considered by some moa low slots be the strongest amarr combat cruiser.

In any situation, it's rarely worth shooting the arbi's drones - it has enough room for 3 full flights of medium drones or 6 flights of lights! A tracking disruptor will serve you well in this fight, since the maller has no source of dps other than its turrets, as will neuting against a pulse maller although the ship's base cap is relatively strong.

In gang fights, a maller is a very poor choice of primary - this ship is a relatively low threat, and will take a long time to kill. Like most ships operating at these ranges, blackbird's generally focus on out-ranging their opponents and not getting tackled, rather than actually fitting a substantial tank. That's about where the similarity ends, however.

The maller is also relatively slow, and should be easy to evade. In all, a tanked moa is likely to have similar hp to a non-resist bonused mm plated cruiser, although with obvious advantages in terms of speed, agility, and a moderate amount of passive regen.

In general, beware engaging a solo caracal in a smaller ship - even a HML caracal can be quite dangerous to frigates, and an AML one moa low slots simply deadly. Indeed, many people only know this ship as a disposable shield repper used to top up your POS forcefield after a fight.

That first bit is the hard part. Also note that the range of small neuts which make up the majority of a neut arbi's cap warfare ability is only 6km - if you can fight outside that, you'll save yourself some pain. With only 4 mid slots at least 2 of which will probably be taken up by propulsion and tacklethe moa can't really mount a tank in the same league as the maller.

Caracal The caracal is the most common of the caldari cruisers that you'll encounter PVP, partly due to it being a stepping stone on the skillplan to the drake. In fact you can even go further by squeezing 2 mm plates onto this ship, albeit at the expense of fitting anything larger than frigate-sized guns. Secondly, the fact that light missiles are a frigate-class weapon system makes the AML caracal particularly effective against frigates don't forget that the caracal's range and damage bonuses still apply to light missiles!

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Then I shoot them one by one with all I have which is missiles, guns and drones. The Moa has more Grid and offers a bit more flexibility. As a remote repair ship, the osprey is capable but unimpressive. Lightly tanked frigates may want to clear off the omen's drones it only has three of them, so this shouldn't be too difficultand beware of the potential for a web on an armour tanked omen.

Unlike a turret ship, there's moa low slots danger in burning straight towards a kiting arby - your priority should just be to close the range and apply your dps as quickly as possible. It also receives a tanking bonus like the maller, in this case to shield resists. A maller sitting alone on a stargate screams 'bait' almost as much as a drake.

In common practice, this kind of osprey fit is rare.

Additionally, an AML caracal with webs is likely to dictate range against you once inside scram range - a potential problem for blaster ships. In terms of damage types explosive and kinetic are usually your best choices, although all of the maller's resists are likely to be fairly high.

However, it's worth bearing moa low slots mind, particularly if the pilot is a known PVPer. That kills them pretty fast. This ship doesn't receive a damage bonus, and while it fields 5 turret slots it has no drone bay whatsoever, and limited cpu with which to fit damage mods.

I never fly to someone besides I need a few km to be able to lock someone or so. In newest casino in cincinnati ohio, you can expect blackbirds to warp in at maximum range once a fight is underway, and start jamming key ships.

That said if you're otherwise engaged or if the moa has friends, it may be more of a concern. While the shield arby is still generally more fragile than its armour counterpart, the low slots it frees up can be used to moa low slots increase the ship's speed on top of the increase gained by removing the armour tank in the first place.

Because of this it rarely gets used for repairing in combat.

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The general fit of an AML caracal varies - some will fit for tank and make the most of the caracal's range bonus to provide flexibility even with AMLs, the caracal can still hit out to around 60km if needs be.

The maller's lack of drones makes it fairly vulnerable to frigate-sized opponents if you're able to get close, however despite it's low mid slot count fitting a web on a maller is fairly common, so you may struggle to evade all of its damage however, trying to kill a maller with a solo frigate will probably take a while!

A mm plate fits easily on this ship, and with trimarks and a handful of resist mods, you're looking at a HP buffer more commonly associated with battlecruisers than a t1 cruiser.

This article is now out of date. The Moa also has 4 low slots while the Caracal only has two.

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