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Jolene's response was to lean back into me and spread her legs slightly so I could slip one finger in her very wet pussy. Bob for his part had one hand lightly fingering her pussy while he held her closely with his other large hand. I joined our friend in the main room as Jolene finished getting dressed.

We've got a very extensive amount of options available to enhance your experience here at MySlutWife. As I slid a finger in my wife's pussy she told me how he had pulled her up to him and kissed her while moving toward the bed. I stood and watched my wife's lips engulf Bob's shaft and then raised to circle the head of his cock with her tongue. Bob and I sat naked on the sofa with a drink and toasted our good luck for the evening.

About this my slot wife my cock was so hard I was about to explode and I turned my wife over so she could again get in the doggie position. It was late and as I cleaned my wife up she asked Bob to come lay with us in bed.

Register today here at MySlutWife. I enjoy watching my wife with other men both socially and also in the bedroom and this suited me just fine. The next morning I woke alone in bed naked, the covers pulled down to the floor.

I continued to play Blackjack and was doing pretty well and as I watched my wife walk away her hips were swaying seductively back and forth under her short skirt.

Both Bob and I are at six foot and although Bob weighs in at about lbs I have a couple more pounds on him at about You need not every worry about us hounding you for a credit card number to access the casino fall river wisconsin of our cam feeds or features.

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Our friend explained that after they undressed and before having sex they laid together and kissed for about a half an hour which really turned them both on. As I stood in front of Jolene I began shooting my cum on her chest and nipples, watching her fingers slide the creamy load over her chest.

I stood and walked across the room jacking myself off as I continued to watch Bob's cock slide in and out of my wife's pussy.

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Jolene's hands were roving my chest and mine were pulling her close to me as I held her tight ass in my hands. Bob made his way over the bed and offered my wife his hard cock. As we played Craps my wife's breasts several times just about jumped out of her bra when she rolled the dice down the length of the table.

Bob's free hand was moving between my wife's pussy and her hard nipples. We've always been free, and we always will be. As Bob was finishing his story my wife came from the bathroom and agreed she too enjoyed kissing our friend. Jolene asked Bob what he had in mind and he said a toss of a quarter, heads she gave him head, tails and he would give her head.

When she was just about at my side I could clearly see the outline of her nipples through the thin light colored material of our friend's shirt and her nipples were very erect, pushing out against the thin material. I was to call him once we were checked in and he would head down to join us and show us around the casino, as we had never been there.

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I continued sliding my cock in and out of my wife's slick pussy, as it seemed my cock would not relax or subside. No more is a scene pre recorded and set in stone.

Jolene tried to lick his cock clean and also lick her lips clean as she rolled over on her back.

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My wife's hard nipples pressed against the thin material creating an alluring sight. I sat stroking my cock as I watched Bob's finger continue slowly moving in and out of my wife's slick pussy, coated with her cum.

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Jolene lay face down on the bed with her legs spread slightly, a puddle of cum forming on the bed just under her pussy. Jolene had brought some sexy clothes and as I handed her a short wraparound skirt, a bra and a blouse she asked where her panties were.

I watched my wife's breasts swaying under her in the mirror as she described our friend fucking her hard and pulling on her hips with each of his thrusts. I smiled as I asked my wife not to wear any panties tonight and with a nasty grin she blew me a kiss.

Jolene had a well fucked glow about her and a smile on her face. Once on the bed Bob had licked her pussy just as I was doing now. I watched as Jolene's mouth engulfed Bob's cock and her cheeks go concave as she began sucking our friend's hard on. The elevator was mirrored and I could see the two men watching our every move as we continued kissing.

Jolene was standing in front of me facing the mirrored doors of the elevator. The agreement was we would meet him at the roulette tables in the casino after we checked into the hotel that is part of the casino.

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