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The city has since the mid s seen an influx of Chinese nationals.

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Other large operations include firms such as Formosa Plastics and Nova Clothing, both of which manufacture goods for the country's leading retailers, a diamond cutting works, various engineering concerns, building industry related services such a brick manufacturing, roofing systems and steel reinforcement. Retail[ edit ] Newcastle Mall Newcastle has a very strong local trade, which is boosted from the surrounding towns of Utrecht, Vryheid, Dannhauser, Glencoe, Dundee and Ladysmith.

The 4 cooling towers are 94 metres feet tall.

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Despite the development of decentralized shopping malls and centers around Newcastle, it's CBD still continues to trade strongly. With approximately Chinese-owned businesses, they have left their mark on Newcastle making it a leader in the textile and plastic manufacturing industry.

An indication of the industrial future of Newcastle is reflected in the chrome chemical plant, which was completed in Newcastle during Indian nationals, Pakistan nationals as newcastle gambling as African foreign nationals have since flocked to the city in search of a better life, now calling Newcastle their home.

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Newcastle Co-generation Plant The 2 stacks are metres feet tall. This city serves the surrounding towns of Utrecht, Vryheid, Dannhauser, Glencoe newcastle gambling Dundee, maize, livestock and dairy farmers and country at large with an extensive amount of resources, products and goods some of which are also for export.

The N5 Blast Furnace is metres feet tall. Heavy Engineering Works such as DCD Venco and Boschpick Engineering supply ancillary services to these large concerns and undertake work throughout the region and country as a whole. Arcelor Mittal Newcastle produces over 1. There is also considerable coal mining in the area.

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Natal Portland Cement The lift structure for the main 4 silos is 78 metres feet tall. Although the Arcelor Mittal steelworks, the Natal Portland Cement NPC slagment cement plant, the LANXESS Chrome Chemical Plant and the Karbochem synthetic rubber plant which coverssquare metres 5, square feet of manufacturing space dominate the Newcastle industrial portfolio, there is a wide range of manufacturing undertakings sharing in the success of the region.

Constant roadworks are undertaken to ensure free traffic flow around the city. The Coke Ovens are 70 metres newcastle gambling tall. Demographics[ edit ] Zulus form the largest single ethnic group.

While making up a small percentage of Newcastle's population, they have contributed extensively to the economy. Economy[ edit ] From the s, Newcastle experienced constant economic growth. The 2 Stacks are metres feet tall. Due to its past, Newcastle gambling has a large number of people of British descent, Afrikaners and Indians, with several places of worship and spiritual organizations around the city's suburbs.

Phase 2 of the latter are currently in planning stages. Newcastle has welcomed many Chinese and Taiwanese into the region with the addition of over newcastle gambling hundred textile factories located in Riverside Industrial and Madadeni Industrial Estate.

The most notable on Newcastle's skyline are:

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