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During the break between shows, wander the promenade and do some shopping from the kiosks or sit and do some people watching in the shade of a palm. Harley-Davidson memorabilia, collections from Harley-Davidson-loving sports figures, corporate leaders, politicians and entertainers fill the place.

Each tour ends with a sample of their finest coffee. This secret air base is blackjack tangerine in Several dry lake beds in the area provide ample testing grounds for high-security designed aircraft and anything "out-of-this-world". For the survivors, you can grab a bite to eat at Quark's Bar along the Deep Space Nine promenade before you head back to the real life of Las Vegas.

Area 51 - Infamous around the world, Area 51 is perhaps the most well-known secret air base on the planet.

Sports, Television and Eating! Grab a table on the top floor to overlook the fans wandering below.

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But the real charm of this saloon is the atmosphere and the paper money and beer can collection which is signed and hung in every nook and cranny of the place. Many famous sets, costumes and props from old and recent TV and movies including Emma Peale's boots, James Bond's trick car devices, Theda Barra's headdress and newer movies like Terminator and Independence Day!

A letter from Ford Motor Company authenticates the car as Clyde's. The boating and fishing section makes you feel like you're at the bottom of the ocean while large sharks, whales and other sea life hover overhead.

Read about the last years of Bonnie and Clyde's turbulent life style. This is an educational and fun adventure for the whole family. It offers a unique museum of children's art, a foundation which supports music of the entire world, a separate stage for local band performances and awesome Southern Delta cuisine, both cajun and creole.

Sit back and watch current sports as well as famous replays from the past. There are pinball machines ranging from the s up to the s and every one is available for play for the original cents.

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A sky trolley with strange looking submarines traversed the entire restaurant. This place also offer great food and libations for those thirsty palms casino imax after the last lap. Over palms casino imax feet tall, the lava flows freely down the sides of the volcano into pools of water and fire, surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls and tropical floral life.

Bring your hiking shoes as it is quite a hike from the roadway. You can find a list of their upcoming performing musicians in our Las Vegas Shows section under concerts. The many hotels, casinos, and stores which open onto the Fremont Street Experience can keep you busy all night.

Former plans to relocate it to Neonopolis appear to have collapsed. Be sure to bring your camera for a personal picture of lions like you've never before seen them. This is truly a small wildlife habitat in the middle of the Tropicana Hotel. Winery tours and tastings take about an hour and are completely free.

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Everything from the entrance in the underground parking lot to the top floor was kept in submarine context. Don't forget to stroll the amazing, botanical cactus gardens outside the factory.

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Also previews of upcoming movies and shows and a unique bar featuring monster memorabilia to lounge in. See the desert where mushroom clouds appeared on a regular basis during the 's. Beautiful Macaws and African parrots will delight you with their chatter and their carefree attitude.

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Black SUV's and helicopters appear out of nowhere at the slightest intrusion. Here you can watch an animated statue tale of Atlantis rising from the sea and as the Gods decreed sink back to the ocean bottom. The US Government denies the existance of this base which is clearly seen on Russian satellite transmissions and by the brave few who hike to the boundaries of this intensely secure area.

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Here's your chance to find out. At Christmas time this is one of the must-sees as all the plants are draped with lights and decorations. Enjoy a delicious, palms casino imax smoothie at the juice bar before you leave. Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden - Las Vegas is also home to the world famous Ethel M Chocolate factory which ships to all 50 states and oversees including their unique and popular liquor-filled line of chocolates.

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Free samples with every tour. There was also a fantastic gift shop for those hard-to-find cranberry items, as well as a free juice bar and cranberry desserts at the end of the tour. A glass enclosed habitat allowed visitors to walk around, above, below and through the center of a grand lion pride.

There are also a few classic video games, ski-ball and other arcade specialties thrown in for your less-enthusiastic friends to pass the time while you're entranced. Performances begin Mon-Fri at 3pm and Sat-Sun at 12pm and party gaming casino software every half hour until 6pm and then every 15 minutes until 12am.

This total minute Star Trek experence will blow you away. Interactive feeding shows are daily at 1: This Los Angeles mobster happened upon the Flamingo Hotel while still under construction.

Gone But Not Forgotten

This show has been cancelled and replaced with a sexy sirens pirate show later in But the best part is watching the live mermaid shows. There is even even an in-house blimp cruising the ceiling displaying the latest scores.

Scenes of Atlantis and beautiful aquatic life swam past the huge front screen. Located next to palms casino imax Silverton Lodge at Industrial Road, Spielberg invented; claims are he couldn't get one like this anywhere else so he had to open his own restaurant to get one. Tales of reverse engineering of alien space craft to numerous sightings of foreign and unexplained flying objects in the night skies, bring visitors to the nearby town of Rachel, Nevada right off the Extraterrestrial Highwayto investigate.

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Surrounded in controversay and conspiracy, Area 51 is best thought of as housing UFO's and alien bodies recovered from the Roswell, New Mexico flying saucers crash. When the alarms sound to DIVE, the windows appeared to actually submerge under the sea.

Free to view collection.

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The cafe is hard to miss with a huge 28 foot high, 15, pound Harley-Davidson replica jutting out of the restaurant facade. Smaller freshwater fish tanks around the store and an gallon water feature complete the outdoor motif. Pahrump Valley Vineyards - Located in the most unlikely desert location, Nevada's only winery regularly produces award-winning 24 awards to date Chardonnay, Cabernet, Burgundy, Sherry and now a new Merlot.

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A favorite hang-out for local riders and tourists alike. But you can still see the ft. This gigantic aquarium is filled with over tropical fish, including stingrays and sharks and gorgeous coral. The show included canon fire flares, treasure chests flung open, powder stores lost and a ship sunk with all hands on board when the Buccaneers faced the British Navy in an action-filled performance every night.

Known by many names such as Groom Lake and Dreamland, this was the design location of the stealth fighter. FREE 7 days, 24 hours. If you don't want a class be sure to stop by for the free tour. See gorgeous pink flamingos, of course, as well as swans, turtles, koi, goldfish and a variety of birds on this 15 acre desert menagerie.

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