Parallel plate slot antenna,

Metal layers M2, M4 and M6 as well as portions of other metal layers form metal lines and connections between components. Via V3 s is a signal via. The antenna is then flush-mounted onto an arbitrarily built metallic platform and is shown to feature consistent impedance matching.

The signal line vias are vertically disposed surrounded by ground vias V1 g see FIG. In a first stage, metal structures on metal layers M4, optional Mo, M5 and M6 can be made and substrates Sub4, Prepreg4 and Sub5 are laminated together.

Measurements verify the proposed antenna exhibits excellent gain and front-to-back ratio FTBR. Maybe, you already have enough experience with fictitious boundaries from the scattering and grating models, for setting it at a good position. The package structure has a first portion and a second portion on opposing sides, the first portion including at least one antenna and parallel plate slot antenna plane integrated in the package structure, the second portion including pads to bond with the RFIC and at least one conductive plane parallel to the ground plane.

Unlike conventional cavity resonators, the proposed design operates in a TEM mode which allows for wider bandwidth operation and miniaturization of lateral dimensions. Parallel plate slot antenna you obtain results with low MMP errors without the reflected mode? A package interface to the chip and a printed circuit board PCB not shown is implemented at a bottom section of the package Referring now to the drawings in which like numerals represent the same or similar elements and initially to FIG.

The pads are preferably external to the package and permit the integrated circuit e. In blockthe first grounded vias include a spacing dependent on an operating wavelength of the antenna, e.

Metal layer M6 is employed for pads As a result, antenna array performance, especially phased-array performance, deteriorates. A vertical transmission line that includes a signal via connecting the antenna feed line to the RFIC. In blockprocessing continues, as needed. The differential feed method can be employed with, e.

Try to improve this model by finding a more efficient or accurate model. Alternately, low temperature cofired ceramic LTCC based technology can make embedded vias. The end product can be any product that includes integrated circuit chips, ranging from toys and other low-end applications to advanced computer products having a display, a keyboard or other input device, and a central processor.

The substrates may include prepregnated boards epoxy resin boards or other substrate boards or materials.

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Wide-band mode of the antenna is achieved by using a carefully designed microstrip feed across the slot aperture which facilitates a fictitious short along the slot aperture. If it turns out parallel plate slot antenna be small compared with the amplitude of the excitation, your guess was correct.

The patch is formed on metal layer M0. A spacing Sv FIG. The system as recited in claim 9wherein the antenna includes one of a slot or a slot loop antenna. The system as recited in claim 9wherein the first grounded vias include a spacing of less than 0.

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A first portion has at least one antenna, antenna ground plane, and first grounded vias. These and other features and advantages will become apparent from the following detailed description of illustrative embodiments thereof, which is to be read in connection with the accompanying drawings. Since the amplitude of the excitation is one, the amplitude of the reflected mode gives you the reflection coefficient.

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In the same way, V3 s stops at the power plane level M4instead of at the metal Mo level, but with an antipad so that the via V3 s does not touch the power plane. The designs may be created in a graphical computer programming language, and stored in a computer storage medium such as a disk, tape, physical hard drive, or virtual hard drive such as in a storage access network.

In applications where differential-fed antennas are needed, a vertical differential transition can be accommodated in the present package structure. Even if you think that no field is reflected from the slot, you should not forget to add a reflected fundamental mode that is propagating in the -x direction.

In another embodiment, a package includes slot antennas.

If you move it far away from the slot, you have to model a bigger part of the field in the parallel plate waveguide with many multipole expansions, which leads to big MMP matrices. Miniaturization of the supporting cavity resonator is achieved by meandering the passage from the bottom of the cavity resonator to the slot aperture.

What happens when you omit the reflected mode in the feed? When the parallel plate waveguide is sufficiently thin, all higher order modes are evanescent.

Free space area The field in the free space area is modeled by a single multipole in the center of the slot, i. Technical Field The present invention relates to antenna and parallel plate slot antenna line designs for radio frequency integrated circuit RFIC chip packages, and, more particularly, to chip packaging with integrated antennas or planar phased array designs with high performance antennas and their feed lines for millimeter-wave frequencies and above.

This forms L1 b. In that instance, the package may include, e.

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Parallel-plate modes reduce antenna efficiency and increase coupling between antennas. The signal via is surrounded by ground vias e. The system as recited in claim 9wherein the vertical transmission line includes differential transmission lines for a differential antenna. The reflector may be implemented somewhere between the power plane and an antenna feed line The vias are surrounded by ground vias High gain antennas for wireless video applications have a very narrow beam width; this makes aiming the antenna very difficult for consumers.

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The interface includes pads to connect to the at least one integrated circuit, to connect to an external printed wiring board e. The parallel-plate modes are strong if the aperture also radiates, which is the case for wideband applications.

It should also be noted that, in some alternative implementations, the functions noted in the blocks may occur out of the order noted in the figures. One portion is provided for implementing antennas and another portion is provided for interfacing with RFIC chips. In one embodiment, plated-via through holes are formed after forming each of the portions, e.

The number of orders of this multipole depends not only on the desired accuracy, but also on the radius of the second fictitious boundary. When the fictitious boundary is sufficiently far away from the slot, the field of these modes is so small that it can be neglected.

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It can be fed by a parallel plate waveguide. Metal layer M0 forms the antenna The vertical transition signal via Parallel plate slot antenna has good performance, since it behaves like a coaxial cable with an outside shield formed with grounded vias, e.

The slot and cavity are shown in phantom lines. This boundary can be a half circle with its' origin in the center of the slot, i. Now, you have three domains to be modeled: The package production cost is lowered since no internal cavity is used. The system as recited in claim 9wherein the second portion includes additional pads to connect to a printed circuit board.

A package structure includes a plurality of layers having conductive planes connected by vias. Otherwise, you should try different models with different fictitious boundaries, and analyze the resulting error distributions and fields. Metal structures on metal layers M1, M2 and M3 can be made, and substrates Sub2, Prepreg2 and Sub3 are laminated together.

A system includes a radio frequency integrated circuit RFIC. This obviates the need to form cavities, recesses or other features within the package itself and thereby reduces cost. The vertical transition is surrounded by ground vias A slot loop is shown in phantom lines. Having described preferred embodiments integrated antennas for RFIC package applications which are intended to be illustrative and not limitingit is noted that modifications and variations can be made by persons skilled in the art in light of the above teachings.

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In blockfabricating vias is performed. Via V3 g may stop at the metal layer M5, but may reach the M4 level parallel plate slot antenna an antipad. The feed lines connect to a signal viawhich is surrounded by ground vias The phased array may include any number of elements, but in this example 4 elements are illustratively depicted.