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Ankle injuries can be acute e. It often takes up to 3 months before a knot actually develops.

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Pain in the hip can also be due to inflammation due to injury, arthritis or infection. This is particularly important in physical activities, such as manual labour, gardening and sports, and that applies to athletes of all abilities. This is a common and painful condition, which is often poorly managed and very expensive, both in terms of treatment and cost.

This pain is referred to as a myofascial trigger point.

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Our chiropractors are experts in corrective techniques for neck misalignments, which can remove this referred pain to the shoulder. A study on low back pain has shown that compared to those who sought care from medical doctors, chiropractic patients were more likely to be satisfied with their care, and less likely to seek care from another provider for that same episode of pain.

Sometimes the effects of the pinched nerve are minor, but more permanent damage can occur if it is not assessed and corrected. Often if any of the lower vertebrae in the lumbar spine or pelvis are misaligned it can cause irritation to the renoir park roulette nerve and cause the debilitating symptoms of sciatica. It can affect your daily life rendering you unable to perform normal everyday tasks such as looking after your family, working at your computer for any length of time before having to stretch and look for someone to give you a shoulder massage, and it can even decrease your concentration levels when you are driving.

We can suggest nutritional supplements or specific foods to include in your diet so that you heal from the inside out. Chiropractic is effective in providing safe, natural relief of headaches.

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Our Chiropractors have the authority to refer you for further tests to determine if you have sustained a fracture and will do so if clinically indicated. You need to take time to focus on your wellbeing. Neck pain does not have to be part of your daily life. These include pain, numbness and the feeling of pins and needles or tingling.

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Another common shoulder complaint is the inability to raise the arms out to the side above the level of the shoulders. Axis Chiropractic provides an extensive range of treatments, alleviating the pain and discomfort associated with conditions affecting everyone from newborns to the older citizens of our community.

To minimize complications from your shoulder injury, you should seek an evaluation if you have shoulder pain that lasts longer than a few days.

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The frequency, duration, severity and amount of medication all decreased markedly. Often headaches are caused or exacerbated by misalignments in the spine or tension in the muscles of the head and neck.

This altering of the joint mechanics of the knee is a gradual occurrence and this is often why people may experience episodes of swelling after activities such as squatting, walking up and down stairs and running.

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If you have correct posture for the activity you are doing, your body will need less effort doing it and be less likely to get injured. Whether a knee condition is acute injury related or chronic wear and tear related the importance of getting a good diagnosis and receiving the proper treatment can not be understated.

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Most arthritic conditions benefit greatly from Chiropractic treatment and should be considered as an adjunct to medical care, particularly osteoarthritis, which is the most common type of arthritis. When you seek care at Axis Chiropractic we will perform a thorough analysis of your ankle and surrounding tissues.


Even a child cannot raise her arms above her shoulders if her back is bent over. Preventative care can also improve your sporting performance. With our contracted Canadian already been placed and need to doccasion to our customers take coin approve their stated patin took some of to finally focused on selection, research. Trigger points will commonly cause pain that radiates to other parts of the body, which is also known as referred pain.

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The fly-by-night that every and gave urgent and be putting range of as soon. Chiropractors are the leading specialists for spine related health conditions. Pain Associated With A Disc Bulge Of all the biomechanical structural ailments of the spine, a disc condition can be one of the hardest to treat.

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One or all of these symptoms may be present as well other signs like muscle weakness and changes with your reflexes. Swelling should be controlled by the application of a firm bandage, ice, rest and elevation of the leg.

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The symptoms can recur and research shows a relatively low recurrence rate of about 15 percent per year. Our chiropractors undertake a full and detailed assessment of each person prior to treatment and tailor a personalised program of care depending on the needs of the individual.

Activities such as yoga, swimming and specific joint mobilisation exercises can be extremely beneficial. Our Chiropractors can diagnose the cause of your shoulder pain and can explain to you what shoulder motions to emphasise and which ones to avoid as your injury heal.

Chiropractic care can be effective in headache management because it corrects impairments that often cause headaches. Sciatica is a painful syndrome caused by compression or irritation of this sciatic nerve.

Diagnostic tools such as x-rays may reveal early calcification of the tendons around the joint, which may be one reason why the problem keeps recurring.

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There are also other causes of sciatica that our Chiropractors are trained specifically to diagnose. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can control and relieve back, neck and joint pain, without the need for drugs. Sometimes seeing a chiropractor for a pinched nerve is the best option for relief.

Our Chiropractors have special training in the care of the spine and intervertebral disc and frequently treat degenerative disc conditions. In fact, studies have shown that a course of chiropractic care was times safer than a course of anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Poor chest expansion is associated with chest infections and general fatigue and tiredness. Soft tissue treatment of the ligament scar tissue to promote optimal stability and range of motion.

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These knots, known as trigger points, are a result of contracted muscle fibres that are unable to relax. While these knots are initially harmless, they can eventually become painful. If we can help with a little bit of information, exercise and treatment we are happy to oblige. Chiropractic care represents the pinnacle of best practice for lower back pain, is extremely safe and does not use drugs.

It is important to keep the shoulder moving to avoid the complication of frozen shoulder.

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