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Planetside 2 engineer suit slot. As an engineer, which suit slot should I invest in? : Planetside

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Furthermore, by baking in minor suit slot benefits like chameleon for the infil, nano-regen capacitator for the medic the ammo suit slot would gain some flavor for these classes. This entails that ASC is more a QOL suit slot and most often ditched for nanoweave, especially since shield can often be re-charded in cover with a minimal benefit.

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The consequence would be that nanoweave wouldn't be as powerful over range. This could be adjusted per class, potentially opening up this item to e.

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Grenade Bandoleer Each rank increases your grenade carrying capacity by one. Grenade Bandoleer The same principal applies to the grenade bandoleer. By merging some of the sets individual classes will have some flavor to the suit slots.

Please add and discuss your thoughts. Direct damage is dealt only when the player is directly hit by the projectile.

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Heavy Assaults only have 2 ranks of Ammo Belt. Personally I'd like ASC to see a comeback of the cooldown reduction, since this was its selling point. A shorter cooldown could be done at the expense of charging rate since a cooldown reduction would mitigate minor chip damage, which the current version does not.

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Usually you can find an ammo pack or a terminal to resupply. Any class could benefit from utility restocks without capacity increase, e.

Planetside 2: Infiltrator's Handbook - Suit Slot Guide Pt. 2 - Ammunition Belt

The ranks could then also affect the tick rate. This would entail that long range weapons would have a baked in higher damage against nanoweave targets on bodyshots. It contains a small, portable fabricator capable of constructing and deconstructing Nanite Blueprints on a smaller scale than seen at vehicle facilities.

Ammo Printer implant further makes Ammo Belt obsolete. This would emphasize the hit and run rype of playstle, yet provide no direct benefit in engagements, although it would facilitate getting into and out of them.

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Secondly, the ammo belt itslef could deserve buffs, e. Engineers would benefit from it due to the passive reloads great planetside 2 engineer suit slot niche builds or support repair engineersbut could potentially gain the option to carry more utility items such as medkits or possibly C4. This interacts with the notion that 'long-range' weapons, e.

Some people just get altruism and gambling from blowing up on mines and random grenades, and to some people mental sanity is worth more than statistical success.

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This is partially due to the nature of nanoweave and flak being best in slot, and partially due to the alternatives being situational. Rank 5 is expensive, but useful.

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They are also experts in the use of powerful anti-tank mines, giving them the means to fortify a facility or cause massive and unexpected destruction on the field by mining a far off chokepoint. First, the functionality of the munitions pouch could simply be merged into ammo belt for the HA.

The player is being directly hit by a Decimator Rocket.

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