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Seeing that Black Lagoon as come back, The Captain ready his aircraft for battle.

Indicating that even though they are coworkers, Benny knew next to nothing about Dutch picture of old ladies gambling background.

As Rock and Benny wait patiently at a distant, Rock causally ask Benny of what kind of face they should make knowing the Dutch and Revy is out there killing. With no hope of winning, Dutch tries to steer Black Lagoon into the open sea where they can avoid a direct attack.

Realizing the depth of Revy's words, Rock is left speechless. He doesn't know what had happened to Revy in order for her to be so skilled at killing, but the fact that he's praising Revy for her destructive force means that he too is broke inside.

During his trip, Rock's ship is hijacked by the Lagoon Trading Company run by the pirate individuals DutchRevyand Bennywho sought the disk he carried. Rock casually explain his job to Revy which sum up as him, sucking up to his boss and getting his ass kicked by his superiors.

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Revy then replies that at this point, the plan is the only thing they got and told Dutch to go through with it. Angered, Revy continued to fire back. After making contact with his boss, department chief KageyamaRock was informed that the disk he carried contains the secret plan for Asahi Industry to develop nuclear weapons for a certain country. But little did they know that the bar retarded gambling on rock surrounded by all side by the EO Extra Order mercenaries lead by The Captainready to take their lives.

And that's why they hold the fort. Thus, they escaped together. And with that, Revy took up her Sword Cutlass and a grenade launcher as she lay waste to Luak's boats. Retarded gambling on rock by Revy's provocation, Rock drink the cup in one go leading the both of them to have a drinking contest.

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Revy sarcastic ask Rock about the things he did before he came to Roanapur. This is Rock's first encounter with Roanapur and his first-hand experience of the type of environment Roanapur is built upon. Dutch and Rock discuss the content of the picture, informing Rock that the resource Ratchman used was too overboard for a mere picture.

As they got off board, Dutch quickly notices Revy's Whitman Fever and overly angered attitude towards Rock. With no place to go, Black Lagoon has no choice but to turn back and face The Captain.

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After escaping the ambush, Rock un-amusing joke that they must be in a Hollywood movie. But against an anti-tank aircraft, their torpedo boat doesn't stand a chance. Their job is to deliver the disk to their client, Hotel Moscow, and that is where their duty ends. With all hope lost, Rock fail into despair as The Captain came after Black Lagoon with an anti-tank aircraft. Rock and the Lagoons was able to get back to Black Lagoon and made their way to Balalaika.

They quickly search for the picture which was found beneath the corpse of Spielberger. Revy reply with a serious tone saying that what she's doing now is no different from what she did as a kid. When the pirates reach retarded gambling on rock, the captain revealed himself to be Luaka mercenary pirate that works for Chin.

And the people who deserve to have them aren't Revy but them and their family. Upon setting sail, Black Lagoon is immediately chased by what seems to be the local police, looking to capture pirates.

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Rock reply that it can't be helped because that's what he has to do in order to survive. Revy quickly interferes saying that Benny is still too young to reminisce about the past. To Dutch's dismay, he replies that Donnie Yen might.

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Despite having the picture, to Rock's objection, Revy decided to stay and salvage more out of the corpse by taking their badges and whatnot. The job for Lagoon this time is to procure an old art piece known as The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda, for a Spanish client who's madly interested in collecting Nazi's era art.

Revy quickly shot him down saying that there was nothing to talk about. She then quickly insults Rock for drinking beer saying that Rock may as well drink piss. Black Lagoon slide on the wrecked ship like a latter and flew to the air.

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Dutch called Rock crazy for thinking up that plan because the boat will be in midair and it requires The Retarded gambling on rock aircraft to be right in front of them in order for the torpedo to hit. When Rock and Revy resurface, Revy was in a very bad mood, half from letting the picture get stolen, the other half from her conversation with Rock.

Dutch then told Rock to get Revy some food before the fight. Having met his boss, Kageyama, alive marseille roulette zidane well, Rock was invited back to Asahi industry. Dutch, seeing the situation, ask Rock if he's willing to part ways with them right there. Revy, to her neurobiology of gambling, told Rock that he needs to learn how Roanapur runs things or he'll end up getting cheated out of everything.

Dutch proclaim that they're just normal people who sometimes brushes against the law to put food on the table.

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After setting sail, Rock is with Revy who's literally showing retarded gambling on rock the rope. That's when they both speculate that the picture might be worth something rather than it just being a collectible art piece.

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